Adventure Creator  1.69.3
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.KickStarter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AC.KickStarter:

Public Member Functions

void OnAwake ()
void AfterLoad ()
void ClearVariables ()
 Unsets the values of all script variables, so that they can be re-assigned to the correct scene if multiple scenes are open.

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetGameEngine (GameObject _gameEngine=null)
static void ClearManagerCache ()
static void ResetPlayer (Player ref_player, int ID, bool resetReferences, Quaternion _rotation, bool keepInventory=false, bool deleteInstantly=false, bool replacesOld=false, bool snapCamera=true)
 Removes the current Player from the scene, and re-instantiates the correct Player prefab. More...
static void TurnOnAC ()
static void TurnOffAC ()

Protected Member Functions

void Awake ()
void OnDestroy ()


static SceneManager sceneManager [get, set]
static SettingsManager settingsManager [get, set]
static ActionsManager actionsManager [get, set]
static VariablesManager variablesManager [get, set]
static InventoryManager inventoryManager [get, set]
static SpeechManager speechManager [get, set]
static CursorManager cursorManager [get, set]
static MenuManager menuManager [get, set]
static Options options [get]
static RuntimeInventory runtimeInventory [get]
static RuntimeVariables runtimeVariables [get]
static PlayerMenus playerMenus [get]
static StateHandler stateHandler [get]
static SceneChanger sceneChanger [get]
static SaveSystem saveSystem [get]
static LevelStorage levelStorage [get]
static RuntimeLanguages runtimeLanguages [get]
static RuntimeDocuments runtimeDocuments [get]
static ActionListAssetManager actionListAssetManager [get]
static MenuSystem menuSystem [get]
static Dialog dialog [get]
static PlayerInput playerInput [get]
static PlayerInteraction playerInteraction [get]
static PlayerMovement playerMovement [get]
static PlayerCursor playerCursor [get]
static PlayerQTE playerQTE [get]
static SceneSettings sceneSettings [get]
static NavigationManager navigationManager [get]
static ActionListManager actionListManager [get]
static LocalVariables localVariables [get]
static MenuPreview menuPreview [get]
static EventManager eventManager [get]
static KickStarter kickStarter [get]
static Music music [get]
static Player player [get]
static MainCamera mainCamera [get, set]
static Camera CameraMain [get, set]

Detailed Description

This component instantiates the PersistentEngine and Player prefabs when the game beings. It also provides static references to each of Adventure Creator's main components. It should be attached to the GameEngine prefab.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AfterLoad()

void AC.KickStarter.AfterLoad ( )

Called after a scene change.

◆ ClearManagerCache()

static void AC.KickStarter.ClearManagerCache ( )

Clears the internal Manager references. Call this when changing the assigned Managers, so that other Inspectors/Editors get updated to reflect this

◆ ResetPlayer()

static void AC.KickStarter.ResetPlayer ( Player  ref_player,
int  ID,
bool  resetReferences,
Quaternion  _rotation,
bool  keepInventory = false,
bool  deleteInstantly = false,
bool  replacesOld = false,
bool  snapCamera = true 

Removes the current Player from the scene, and re-instantiates the correct Player prefab.

ref_playerThe new Player prefab to instantiate
IDThe ID number to assign the new Player
resetReferencesIf True, then any references to the Player prefab in other AC scripts will be updated
_rotationThe new Player's rotation
keepInventoryIf True, then the inventory items of the previous player (if there is one) will be transferred onto the new one, replacing any items held by the new one.
deleteInstantlyIf True, the old Player object will be deleted using DestroyImmediate, which should not be called if this function is invoked by a Physics collision or trigger.
replacesOldIf True, the new player replaces the old one (and uses the old player's position and camera)
snapCameraIf True, then the Player's active camera will be snapped to

◆ TurnOffAC()

static void AC.KickStarter.TurnOffAC ( )

Turns Adventure Creator on.

◆ TurnOnAC()

static void AC.KickStarter.TurnOnAC ( )

Turns Adventure Creator off.

Property Documentation

◆ CameraMain

Camera AC.KickStarter.CameraMain

A cache of Unity's own KickStarter.CameraMain