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  • If you need someone who's just about to start a new project from scratch, you can sign me up.
  • Cool. Are you using Adventure Creator to make this game?
  • That's a really old version of AC, @hajbahman, you should update to 1.54 and see if that fixes any issues you are having, then come back and ask for help if you still have issues :)
  • Looks like it's a case of the sprite that is parented to the character isn't properly aligned? You should be able to fix this by selecting and moving the sprite up so the feet align with the parent's pivot, or making sure the character sprites' pivo…
  • So, first of all (not to sound critical), your search function is complicated lol... I searched "point and click" and got a ton of other stuff completely unrelated so when I asked him about the forum responses, he also praised it.  :D …
  • If you have a quick way to make content for 4k, that's great, but for hand painted things like this it will take a long time to produce. For instance, my own game is at 640x360. Making the graphics at 1280x720 would increase the time tremendously, t…
    in Growbot Comment by Eastman March 2016
  • This discussion might be of help, looks like it could be related :)
  • @klarax  That's not the case anymore, they got rid of those differences between Pro and Free almost a year ago when Unity 5 was released. The differences between Pro and Free that exist now shouldn't cause this issue.
  • Also make sure the keys are assigned in the InputManager which you can find in Edit> Project Settings> Input.
  • I use variables for this. I set a local (or global, if you want to access the variable in other scenes) boolean variable in the scene called something like lvar played cutscene 1 (I prefix my local variables with "lvar" and my global with …
  • @klarax, yeah you need to be on at least 1.50c for that one.
  • @klarax, did you figure it out? If not, this might help. I haven't actually used this method myself, but it should work this way:
  • Edit: Chris answered above :) I was completely off, apparently I'm rustier than I thought I was when it comes to AC!
  • I must have misread :) Select the sprite in the browser and in the Inspector you choose Advanced for the Texture Type, and then tick Read/Write Enabled, if it's not already.
  • So the image is set to Advanced and with Read/Write Enabled checked? Your reply wasn't clear about that. Even if you haven't done anything to the image itself Unity may have lost this setting because of various reasons. Whenever the tint map stops w…
  • The face image type is set to Advanced and Read/Write Enabled?
  • @Ressie, I think this was already introduced in 1.50c :) * Added: Transform field to Character inspectors that will override the placement of Menus set to display Above Speaking Character and Above Player
  • Very useful, thank you for sharing!
  • Yeah I spent a good part of last week doing the same thing, and while I get some half-decent results once in a while in Unity 5 it's just depressing throwing the same scene into UE4 (after converting some textures) and immediately getting great resu…
  • @Big_Cow, sorry for late reply, for some reason I didn't see the notification. I wanted to use it because it seemed a lot quicker to author dialogues using DS in comparison to AC's integrated system (which still takes an ungodly long time :(), and w…

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