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Editor Tool: Mass Dialog Editing

edited November 2015 in Extending the editor
I had to quickly revise dialogs in individual scenes and I was too lazy to go through all the action lists and check the individual ActionSpeech nodes, so I quickly wrote up a tool that gives me access to all the ActionSpeech in any ActionList in the currently opened scene. It lets me inspect and edit them, Also supports filtering. May be fit for heavy extending with more custom functionality if required (search & replace, removing double newlines, ...)!



  • Very useful, thank you for sharing!
  • Thank you for sharing. After a first test I recognized that the script only finds speech actions within scene based actions. Maybe you could enhance the script so that it finds speech stored in actionlist assets too.
  • Yeah, that would not be that hard to do and, we just haven't had a use-case for that yet, all our speech is stored in the scenes. It also does not find things like hotspot labels or dialog option captions, I'll put that on the extension list!
  • Thanks for sharing that.
  • This looks terrific.
    Please excuse my ignorance, but where should I put this script to have it work?
  • Hey @Jimbo, just put it into any folder named "Editor", you can then find the tool in the menu "Window/Speech Line Mass Editor"!
  • Thank you, @zsoi!

    I got an error in Unity:
    Assets/Editor/SpeechActionMassEditor.cs(239,46): error CS0117: `UnityEditor.Undo' does not contain a definition for `SetCurrentGroupName'
    And Speech Line Mass Editor didn't show in the Window menu.

    So I just commented out that section, lines 237-245, and now it shows up and runs.
  • Which Version of Unity are you using? It has been authored for 5.2.2p1, maybe some APIs were/are not available in old/new versions.
  • Ah, ok, that's probably my problem. I'm using Unity 4.6.1f1
    No big deal, the tool works great! It's a big help correcting typos.
  • 10/10 - amazing :D
  • You are my new hero! Yep, after ChrisIceBox, of course!  :D
  • What a treasure!
  • Thanks for this! Very useful when going over lots of lines in a big project.
  • Using Unity 5.4.3 and AC 1.51d the scripts says "ActionListEditorWindow" does not exist in current context.
  • Thanks to zsoi for making such a great tool! I'd like to share my slight modification of the editor:

    I added the display column of the SpeechOrder string; as well as sorting the SpeechLines by the SpeechOrder string. Which I found made my life easier when editing the speechlines.

    Before using, please do the "Gather text" operation in the AC Speech Manager.

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