Forum rules - please read before posting.

Forum rules - Read before posting

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Well, we've managed two years on here without any official rules - but with new users joining every week I do think it's high time we had some.  Some of these are more tips than anything, so consider this more of an introduction guide to using AC's forum.

With a please and thank-you, I would ask all members to have a read:

1) When reporting bugs or difficulties, post as much relevant detail as you can.  Problems can solved much more quickly if you provide all the necessary info about it in your first post.  Exactly what detail needs to be provided will vary from problem to problem, but this generally involves one of the following:
  • Screenshots of the relevant Inspectors / Manager settings / scene objects (you can host images on file-sharing sites such as
  • The posting of any relevant messages being shown in the Console.  Please post the full message - including script references - when doing so
  • A step-by-step list to reproduce the error
  • A video of the game window, particularly if the issue is motion-based
Also be sure to state the Unity version and platform you are working on, and be sure to have downloaded the latest version of AC first.

2) Do not begin threads with “Hey Chris” or “Hi @ChrisIceBox”, as this discourages others from replying.  This is a community - there are many experienced AC users on this forum beside myself who can help with technical questions.

3) Do not bump threads if you haven’t had a reply in a short time - particularly in weekends.  I read all messages on the forum, and reply to all those that I need to.

4) Do not post links to broken projects to download.  I will request asset files if it becomes necessary.  Especially important: do not post links to AC’s source.  While this can happen unwittingly, AC is a commercial product and making it freely available cannot be tolerated.

5) While AC is a plugin for Unity, this is not a forum for using Unity in general.  If you have questions about Unity’s workflow (for example, how to create animations from sprite-sheets), please visit Unity’s own site instead.  This extends to coding: this is not a place for teaching how to write scripts.  Issues and questions related to working with AC's API, however, is of course fine.

6) Please abide by the usual civility expected in any other adventure-game software technical forum.  While experiencing problems or bugs can be understandably frustrating, this is not the place for harassment or insults.  I’m happy to say this hasn’t been much of a problem, but it’s important to state.

Additionally, here are some things to check before posting:
  • Make sure you are up-to-date with your version of AC.
  • Check the Manual and tutorials section if you are looking for general information about using AC
  • Make use of the forum’s search box.   The forum has already seen many common questions answered, so it’s a good resource for beginners
I apologise if some of these are pedantic or obvious, but AC caters to Unity users both new and experienced.  I hope that establishing some ground rules like this will improve the user experience for everyone.

Thank you for reading!
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