For a game to be interactive, we make use of Hotspots - objects in the scene that produce reactions when clicked on by the player.

You can make any object interactive by attaching a Hotspot and collider component to it.  Or, you can place down new Hotspots from within the Scene Manager.

How your Hotspots behave exactly will depend on your Settings Manager's Interaction method. It can take the following values:

  • Context Sensitive - Allows the player to run simple "use" and "examine" interactions with single mouse clicks.
  • Choose Interaction Then Hotspot - Allows the player to select from a range of interaction icons, and then click on a Hotspot.
  • Choose Hotspot Then Interaction - Allows the player to click on a Hotspot, and then select from a range of interaction icons.

For more on these different modes and what they mean, see the Manual's Interaction methods chapter.  However, the following tutorials will give a general overview on how to add interactivity to your game.