AC is a plugin for the Unity game engine, that provides tools needed to produce adventure games. Such games are typically non-combatative, and place an emphasis on puzzle solving, storytelling, and character interaction.

Examples of this genre include 2D classics like the Monkey Island and Kings Quest series, 2.5D hybrids like Grim Fandango and The Longest Journey, through to more modern cinematic experiences like Telltale's The Walking Dead.

AC is compatible with Unity Personal, Plus and Pro, on Windows and Mac, from 2017.4 through to the latest official release. It is available to purchase on the Asset Store.

AC is intended to be accessible for users of all backgrounds. Its visual-scripting interface and intuitive design means that non-programmers can jump straight in, but its powerful event system and documented API also allow seasoned developers to easily extend it.

As AC is an extension of Unity, though, it is important to have a familiarity with the Unity Editor beforehand.

AC officially supports PC, Mac, WebGL, iOS and Android.

Some custom scripting is necessary in order to port to consoles, as each console platform has its own save-system requirements - but nothing an experienced developer shouldn't be able to handle. For more, consult the Manual's "Custom save formats and handling" chapter.

AC does not officially support VR, but this too can be achieved through custom scripting. For more, consult the Manual's "Working with VR" chapter.

AC offers a number of tutorial videos, that cater to developers of different backgrounds.

If you're new to Unity, best start with Making a 2D game. This covers all of AC's key principles, which are applicable to 3D games as well.

If you already know your way around Unity, check out Recreating Unity's Adventure Game. Here, we take an existing Unity project, and incorporate AC into it.

Prefer to read things step-by-step? A series of text-based tutorials can be started here.

AC licenses are sold for $80 + VAT. As AC is categorised as a "Systems" asset, one license is required per seat - see the Asset Store Provider Agreement.

Note: Customers prior to 1st August 2016 are exempt from the one-license-per-seat rule.

Adventure Creator is developed by animation director and game developer Chris Burton.

Questions regarding AC can either be sent to hello@adventurecreator.org, or posted on the forum.