Adventure Creator  1.69.3
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.ConstantID Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AC.ConstantID:
AC.Remember AC.RememberTransform AC.RememberAnimator AC.RememberCollider AC.RememberContainer AC.RememberConversation AC.RememberFootstepSounds AC.RememberHotspot AC.RememberMaterial AC.RememberMoveable AC.RememberName AC.RememberNavMesh2D AC.RememberNPC AC.RememberParticleSystem AC.RememberShapeable AC.RememberSound AC.RememberTimeline AC.RememberTrigger AC.RememberVariables AC.RememberVisibility

Public Member Functions

virtual string SaveData ()
 Serialises appropriate GameObject values into a string. Overriden by subclasses. More...
virtual void LoadData (string stringData)
 Deserialises a string of data, and restores the GameObject to its previous state. Overridden by subclasses. More...
virtual void LoadData (string stringData, bool restoringSaveFile)
 A base function, overridden by subclasses when loading data. More...
int AssignInitialValue (bool forcePrefab=false)
 Sets a new Constant ID number. More...
void SetNewID_Prefab ()

Public Attributes

int constantID
bool retainInPrefab = false
AutoManual autoManual = AutoManual.Automatic

Protected Member Functions

bool GameIsPlaying ()
void Update ()
bool [] StringToBoolArray (string _string)
int [] StringToIntArray (string _string)
float [] StringToFloatArray (string _string)
string [] StringToStringArray (string _string)
string ArrayToString< T > (T[] _list)

Detailed Description

This script is used by the Serialization classes to store a permanent ID of the gameObject (like InstanceID, only retained after reloading the project). To save a reference to an arbitrary object in a scene, this script must be attached to it.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AssignInitialValue()

int AC.ConstantID.AssignInitialValue ( bool  forcePrefab = false)

Sets a new Constant ID number.

forcePrefabIf True, sets "retainInPrefab" to True. Otherwise, it will be determined by whether or not the component is part of an asset file.

◆ LoadData() [1/2]

virtual void AC.ConstantID.LoadData ( string  stringData)

Deserialises a string of data, and restores the GameObject to its previous state. Overridden by subclasses.

stringDataThe data, serialised as a string

Reimplemented in AC.RememberVisibility, AC.RememberMoveable, AC.RememberNPC, AC.RememberAnimator, AC.RememberCollider, AC.RememberTrigger, AC.RememberHotspot, AC.RememberConversation, AC.RememberNavMesh2D, AC.RememberContainer, AC.RememberMaterial, AC.RememberFootstepSounds, AC.RememberShapeable, AC.RememberName, AC.RememberParticleSystem, and AC.RememberVariables.

◆ LoadData() [2/2]

virtual void AC.ConstantID.LoadData ( string  stringData,
bool  restoringSaveFile 

A base function, overridden by subclasses when loading data.

stringDataA string of serialised data
restoringSaveFileTrue if the game is currently restoring a save game file, as opposed to transitioning between scenes

Reimplemented in AC.RememberTimeline, and AC.RememberSound.

◆ SaveData()

virtual string AC.ConstantID.SaveData ( )

◆ SetNewID_Prefab()

void AC.ConstantID.SetNewID_Prefab ( )

Sets a new Constant ID number for a prefab.

Member Data Documentation

◆ autoManual

AutoManual AC.ConstantID.autoManual = AutoManual.Automatic

Is the Constant ID set automatically or manually?

◆ constantID

int AC.ConstantID.constantID

The recorded Constant ID number

◆ retainInPrefab

bool AC.ConstantID.retainInPrefab = false

If True, prefabs will share the same Constant ID as their scene-based counterparts