Adventure Creator  1.68.2
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.PlayerData Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void CopyData (PlayerData originalData)
 Copies values from another PlayerData instance onto itself. More...
void UpdatePosition (SceneInfo newSceneInfo, Vector3 newPosition, Quaternion newRotation, _Camera associatedCamera)

Public Attributes

int playerID
int currentScene
int previousScene
string currentSceneName
string previousSceneName
string openSubScenes
float playerLocX
float playerLocY
float playerLocZ
float playerRotY
float playerWalkSpeed
float playerRunSpeed
string playerIdleAnim
string playerWalkAnim
string playerTalkAnim
string playerRunAnim
string playerWalkSound
string playerRunSound
string playerPortraitGraphic
string playerSpeechLabel
int playerDisplayLineID
int playerTargetNode
int playerPrevNode
string playerPathData
bool playerIsRunning
bool playerLockedPath
int playerActivePath
bool playerPathAffectY
int lastPlayerTargetNode
int lastPlayerPrevNode
int lastPlayerActivePath
bool playerUpLock
bool playerDownLock
bool playerLeftlock
bool playerRightLock
int playerRunLock
bool playerFreeAimLock
bool playerIgnoreGravity
bool playerLockDirection
string playerSpriteDirection
bool playerLockScale
float playerSpriteScale
bool playerLockSorting
int playerSortingOrder
string playerSortingLayer
string inventoryData
bool inCustomCharState
bool playerLockHotspotHeadTurning
bool isHeadTurning
int headTargetID
float headTargetX
float headTargetY
float headTargetZ
int gameCamera
int lastNavCamera
int lastNavCamera2
float mainCameraLocX
float mainCameraLocY
float mainCameraLocZ
float mainCameraRotX
float mainCameraRotY
float mainCameraRotZ
bool isSplitScreen
bool isTopLeftSplit
bool splitIsVertical
int splitCameraID
float splitAmountMain
float splitAmountOther
float shakeIntensity
float shakeDuration
int shakeEffect
float overlayRectX
float overlayRectY
float overlayRectWidth
float overlayRectHeight
bool followSortingMap
int customSortingMapID
int activeDocumentID
string collectedDocumentData
string lastOpenDocumentPagesData

Detailed Description

A data container for saving the state of a Player. Each Player in a game has its own instance of this class stored in SaveData by SaveSystem.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CopyData()

void AC.PlayerData.CopyData ( PlayerData  originalData)

Copies values from another PlayerData instance onto itself.

originalDataThe PlayerData to copy

Member Data Documentation

◆ activeDocumentID

int AC.PlayerData.activeDocumentID

The active Document being read

◆ collectedDocumentData

string AC.PlayerData.collectedDocumentData

A record of the Documents collected

◆ currentScene

int AC.PlayerData.currentScene

The current scene number

◆ currentSceneName

string AC.PlayerData.currentSceneName

The current scene name

◆ customSortingMapID

int AC.PlayerData.customSortingMapID

The ConstantID number of the SortingMap that the NPC's FollowSortingMap follows, if not the scene's default

◆ followSortingMap

bool AC.PlayerData.followSortingMap

True if the NPC has a FollowSortingMap component that follows the scene's default SortingMap

◆ gameCamera

int AC.PlayerData.gameCamera

The Constant ID number of the active _Camera

◆ headTargetID

int AC.PlayerData.headTargetID

The ConstantID number of the head target Transform

◆ headTargetX

float AC.PlayerData.headTargetX

The Player's head target's X position (offset)

◆ headTargetY

float AC.PlayerData.headTargetY

The Player's head target's Y position (offset)

◆ headTargetZ

float AC.PlayerData.headTargetZ

The Player's head target's Z position (offset)

◆ inCustomCharState

bool AC.PlayerData.inCustomCharState

If True, the Player is playing a custom animation

◆ inventoryData

string AC.PlayerData.inventoryData

What Inventory Items (see: InvItem) the player is currently carrying

◆ isHeadTurning

bool AC.PlayerData.isHeadTurning

True if the Player's head is facing a particular object

◆ isSplitScreen

bool AC.PlayerData.isSplitScreen

True if split-screen is currently active

◆ isTopLeftSplit

bool AC.PlayerData.isTopLeftSplit

True if the gameplay is performed in the top (or left) side during split-screen

◆ lastNavCamera

int AC.PlayerData.lastNavCamera

The Constant ID number of the last active _Camera during gameplay

◆ lastNavCamera2

int AC.PlayerData.lastNavCamera2

The Constant ID number of the last active-but-one _Camera during gameplay

◆ lastOpenDocumentPagesData

string AC.PlayerData.lastOpenDocumentPagesData

A record of the last-opened page for each viewed Document

◆ lastPlayerActivePath

int AC.PlayerData.lastPlayerActivePath

The Constant ID number of the Player's last-used Path

◆ lastPlayerPrevNode

int AC.PlayerData.lastPlayerPrevNode

The previous node number of the Player's last-used Path

◆ lastPlayerTargetNode

int AC.PlayerData.lastPlayerTargetNode

The target node number of the Player's last-used Path

◆ mainCameraLocX

float AC.PlayerData.mainCameraLocX

The MainCamera's X position

◆ mainCameraLocY

float AC.PlayerData.mainCameraLocY

The MainCamera's Y position

◆ mainCameraLocZ

float AC.PlayerData.mainCameraLocZ

The MainCamera's Z position

◆ mainCameraRotX

float AC.PlayerData.mainCameraRotX

The MainCamera's X rotation

◆ mainCameraRotY

float AC.PlayerData.mainCameraRotY

The MainCamera's Y rotation

◆ mainCameraRotZ

float AC.PlayerData.mainCameraRotZ

The MainCamera's Z rotation

◆ openSubScenes

string AC.PlayerData.openSubScenes

The details any sub-scenes that are also open

◆ overlayRectX

float AC.PlayerData.overlayRectX

During box-overlay, the size and position of the overlay effect

◆ playerActivePath

int AC.PlayerData.playerActivePath

The Constant ID number of the Player's current Path

◆ playerDisplayLineID

int AC.PlayerData.playerDisplayLineID

The ID number that references the Player's name, as generated by the Speech Manager

◆ playerDownLock

bool AC.PlayerData.playerDownLock

True if the Player cannot move down

◆ playerFreeAimLock

bool AC.PlayerData.playerFreeAimLock

True if free-aiming is prevented

◆ playerID

int AC.PlayerData.playerID

The ID number of the Player that this data references

◆ playerIdleAnim

string AC.PlayerData.playerIdleAnim

The idle animation

◆ playerIgnoreGravity

bool AC.PlayerData.playerIgnoreGravity

True if the Player's Rigidbody is unaffected by gravity

◆ playerIsRunning

bool AC.PlayerData.playerIsRunning

True if the Player is currently running

◆ playerLeftlock

bool AC.PlayerData.playerLeftlock

True if the Player cannot move left

◆ playerLockDirection

bool AC.PlayerData.playerLockDirection

True if a sprite-based Player is locked to face a particular direction

◆ playerLockedPath

bool AC.PlayerData.playerLockedPath

True if the Player is locked along a Path

◆ playerLockHotspotHeadTurning

bool AC.PlayerData.playerLockHotspotHeadTurning

True if the Player's head is facing a Hotspot

◆ playerLockScale

bool AC.PlayerData.playerLockScale

True if a sprite-based Player has its scale locked

◆ playerLockSorting

bool AC.PlayerData.playerLockSorting

True if a sprite-based Player has its sorting locked

◆ playerLocX

float AC.PlayerData.playerLocX

The Player's X position

◆ playerLocY

float AC.PlayerData.playerLocY

The Player's Y position

◆ playerLocZ

float AC.PlayerData.playerLocZ

The Player's Z position

◆ playerPathAffectY

bool AC.PlayerData.playerPathAffectY

True if the Player's current Path affects the Y position

◆ playerPathData

string AC.PlayerData.playerPathData

The positions of each node in a pathfinding-generated Path

◆ playerPortraitGraphic

string AC.PlayerData.playerPortraitGraphic

A unique identified for the portrait graphic

◆ playerPrevNode

int AC.PlayerData.playerPrevNode

The previous node number of the current Path

◆ playerRightLock

bool AC.PlayerData.playerRightLock

True if the Player cannot move right

◆ playerRotY

float AC.PlayerData.playerRotY

The Player'sY rotation

◆ playerRunAnim

string AC.PlayerData.playerRunAnim

The run animation

◆ playerRunLock

int AC.PlayerData.playerRunLock

True if the Player cannot run

◆ playerRunSound

string AC.PlayerData.playerRunSound

A unique identifier for the run sound AudioClip

◆ playerRunSpeed

float AC.PlayerData.playerRunSpeed

The run speed

◆ playerSortingLayer

string AC.PlayerData.playerSortingLayer

The order in layer of a sprite-based Player

◆ playerSortingOrder

int AC.PlayerData.playerSortingOrder

The sorting order of a sprite-based Player

◆ playerSpeechLabel

string AC.PlayerData.playerSpeechLabel

The Player's display name

◆ playerSpriteDirection

string AC.PlayerData.playerSpriteDirection

The direction that a sprite-based Player is currently facing

◆ playerSpriteScale

float AC.PlayerData.playerSpriteScale

The scale of a sprite-based Player

◆ playerTalkAnim

string AC.PlayerData.playerTalkAnim

The talk animation

◆ playerTargetNode

int AC.PlayerData.playerTargetNode

The target node number of the current Path

◆ playerUpLock

bool AC.PlayerData.playerUpLock

True if the Player cannot move up

◆ playerWalkAnim

string AC.PlayerData.playerWalkAnim

The walk animation

◆ playerWalkSound

string AC.PlayerData.playerWalkSound

A unique identifier for the walk sound AudioClip

◆ playerWalkSpeed

float AC.PlayerData.playerWalkSpeed

The walk speed

◆ previousScene

int AC.PlayerData.previousScene

The last-visited scene number

◆ previousSceneName

string AC.PlayerData.previousSceneName

The last-visited scene name

◆ shakeDuration

float AC.PlayerData.shakeDuration

The duration, in seconds, of the current camera shake

◆ shakeEffect

int AC.PlayerData.shakeEffect

The int-converted value of CamersShakeEffect

◆ shakeIntensity

float AC.PlayerData.shakeIntensity

The intensity of the current camera shake

◆ splitAmountMain

float AC.PlayerData.splitAmountMain

During split-screen, the proportion of the screen that the gameplay camera takes up

◆ splitAmountOther

float AC.PlayerData.splitAmountOther

During split-screen, the proportion of the screen that the non-gameplay camera take up

◆ splitCameraID

int AC.PlayerData.splitCameraID

The Constant ID number of the split-screen camera that gameplay is not performed in

◆ splitIsVertical

bool AC.PlayerData.splitIsVertical

True if split-screen is arranged vertically