Adventure Creator  1.68.0
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.MoveableData Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AC.MoveableData:

Public Member Functions

 MoveableData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AC.RememberData
 RememberData ()

Public Attributes

bool isOn
float trackValue
int revolutions
float LocX
float LocY
float LocZ
bool doEulerRotation
float RotW
float RotX
float RotY
float RotZ
float ScaleX
float ScaleY
float ScaleZ
bool inWorldSpace
- Public Attributes inherited from AC.RememberData
int objectID
bool savePrevented

Detailed Description

A data container used by the RememberMoveable script.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MoveableData()

AC.MoveableData.MoveableData ( )

The default Constructor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ doEulerRotation

bool AC.MoveableData.doEulerRotation

If True, the attached Moveable component is rotating with euler angles, not quaternions

◆ inWorldSpace

bool AC.MoveableData.inWorldSpace

If True, the movement is occuring in world-space

◆ isOn

bool AC.MoveableData.isOn

True if the object is on

◆ LocX

float AC.MoveableData.LocX

Its X position

◆ LocY

float AC.MoveableData.LocY

Its Y position

◆ LocZ

float AC.MoveableData.LocZ

Its Z position

◆ revolutions

int AC.MoveableData.revolutions

If a Draggable object is locked to a DragTrack_Curved, how many revolutions it has made

◆ RotW

float AC.MoveableData.RotW

Its W rotation

◆ RotX

float AC.MoveableData.RotX

Its X rotation

◆ RotY

float AC.MoveableData.RotY

Its Y position

◆ RotZ

float AC.MoveableData.RotZ

Its Z position

◆ ScaleX

float AC.MoveableData.ScaleX

Its X scale

◆ ScaleY

float AC.MoveableData.ScaleY

Its Y scale

◆ ScaleZ

float AC.MoveableData.ScaleZ

Its Z scale

◆ trackValue

float AC.MoveableData.trackValue

How far along a DragTrack a Draggable object is (if locked to a track)