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  • Oh I'm such a dull... All I had to do was just define "Run" in the input manger and it worked. Sorry for the inconvenience..
  • No no what I'm trying to say is, there is only one place for one parameter in the "movement speed float" field right? So If I want to make the player walk Id have to make a transition between the "Idle" and "walk" animations and make a new parameter…
  • AC version: latest Unity version: 2019.2.14f1 The object does have constant ID with Retain in prefab. However, I just noticed that everything works fine for some reason. I don't know why, but I'll try to figure it out and come back with an upd…
  • I tried playing with the sensitivity, it kinda made it a bit smoother, but still there is like a gab between each direction, for example its either 180, 90 or 30 degree, you can't go 35, 40, or 50 degree in-between.. I don't know if you get what i'm…
  • When I switched the "direct movement type" to "Tank controls" I can accurately turn the player towards any angle just like I wanted, but I don't want to use tank controls option..
  • Start by disabling root motion and the Animator itself, and use AC for full motion control I disabled the root motion and turned off the animator, I used only AC Player component to move the player, but the problem still remains. Therefore,…
  • -3D -I'm using Direct control - I'm using controller - AC version latest/Unity version 2019.1 Does the Account for player's position on screen? property make a difference? No pressing in an e.g. up-right direction should cause…
  • You are a legend Chris, it worked perfectly, thanks!!
  • I tried to put an empty game object inside the player and named it "MyChildObject" but it didn't detect it, I also attached the "child" to the "neck bone" inside the player but same result, nothing happens..
  • I have attached it to the camera and played the scene, but nothing really happens and the 'target' slot of the GamerCamera is empty.
  • I tried that as well but it gave me another error. Member 'GameObject.Find(string)' cannot be accessed with an instance reference; qualify it with a type name instead using UnityEngine; using AC; public class Assign : MonoBehaviour { …
  • I tried GameObject.Find and I got this error 'Player' does not contain a definition for 'GameObject' and no accessible extension method 'GameObject' accepting a first argument of type 'Player' could be found (are you missing a using directive or …
  • I tried the script and it does work, but only to the first tier "children" but if I want to select for example the neck bone which is deeper inside the player it will not work.
  • It worked like a charm! thank you Chris!
    in Camera Problem Comment by Neji June 2019
  • Unity: 2019.1 AC: latest My movement method is: Direct I used adventure creator 3d demo to show the problem as it happens in any scene with the direct movement. If you want to reproduce the issue just change the movement method from point an…
    in Camera Problem Comment by Neji June 2019
  • I tried amending the script but its too difficult for me to understand it. However, no matter how much I tried, AC is still taking full control of the turning. Isn't there any other way to simply not let AC control the turning while still using the …
  • Well, my character has an animation and when that animation finish.. I want it to check a specific variable, and I can't do that so I figured I would use a trigger inside the player to check everytime the animation finish by turning it on and off.. …
  • The trigger is a child of the player and its an adventure creator trigger. I forgot to mention that the trigger is set to "Asset file"  To recreate the issue, take Tin Pot and create an AC trigger. Make it a child of Tin Pot then set the trigger's…
  • That worked like a charm! Thanks!
    in Main menu Comment by Neji January 2018
  • Sounds wonderful! Thank you for taking in my suggestion. I will patiently be waiting for it!  Have a good day! 

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