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  • (Quote) AC version: 1.81.4 (Quote) Yes, its an asset. (Quote) When the inventory is opened and the game is paused, I have a button that when I press it, it will run the actionlist asset to do some stuff like fade - wait until finish and engine - w…
    in Engine Wait Comment by Neji July 14
  • Is it possible to do it using AC menu? I always prefer to stick with AC. However, I tried the unity UI approach, the issue is everytime I hide and show the menu element the button becomes Interactable again. I simply want to navigate through AC do…
  • It worked when I set the menu element button to "hide" on the activeinput. I believe ActiveInputs have priority over everything :D
  • When I press down an active input button, for example, to close the "Inventory", and I simultaneously have another button pressed down, such as a menu element button to open a document, they both work at the same time. This happens even if…
  • (Quote) It's 1.81.2 (Quote) No, you can test it on AC pause menu.
  • Im just curious about the toggle option under Engine - Manage systems (Quote) What is the difference between toggling the movement or interactions and disabling it?
  • I just Updated to the latest version. I'll try it and let you know.
  • I managed to edit the "RememberTransform" script and removed anything related to transform. Now it only saves and restores the presence. Thanks Chris!
  • Hello, When pausing using adventure "Pause" the icon doesn't disappear like the original icon and remain active. How can I make it also disappear? I tried adding "KickStarter.stateHandler.IsPaused" But nothing happened.
    in Hotspot Icon Comment by Neji January 29
  • For the script its working fine now. Thanks Chris. However, the original Icon still appears when highlighted and then disabled interactions. To recreate the Issue, go to settings, change the "hotspot display icons" to "only when high…
    in Hotspot Icon Comment by Neji January 26
  • I discovered a bug with this script. When using -Engine-Manage Systems- and turn Interactions to "Disable" the icon still appears. Same thing when pausing using adventure creator menu "Pause" the icon doesn't disappear and remain…
    in Hotspot Icon Comment by Neji January 25
  • (Quote) I played with it and it turns out your method is indeed the best approach. Thanks Chris.
  • (Quote) I am in third-person view while leveraging the behavior of first-person control method as a strafing technique. This approach is effective; however, the only issue I encountered is the 'camera snapping' aspect.
  • No Chris, what I mean is In 'Direct' mode, when the character walks over a trigger that switches to a different camera, the character continues moving in the same direction unless input direction is changed , which is the desired behavior. However,…
  • (Quote) Could you clarify more on how to do it. I don't quite get it..
  • Thanks Chris. It works fine now even with the custom script.
  • (Quote) Yes, even when changing it manually through the settings manager the issue is still there.
  • > As the Action only needs to run once, you can simplify it to:public override float Run (){ KickStarter.settingsManager.hotspotDetection = HotspotDetection.MouseOver;} I set it like this and I got this error: "ActionChangeHotspotDetect…
  • Inventory Property with ID 6 not found -> AC debug logger UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarning (object,UnityEngine.Object) AC.ACDebug:LogWarning (object,UnityEngine.Object) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Static/ACDebug.cs:33) AC.MenuLabel:GetProper…
  • The Message in full : Inventory Property with ID 2 not found -> AC debug logger UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarning (object,UnityEngine.Object) AC.ACDebug:LogWarning (object,UnityEngine.Object) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Static/ACDebug.cs:33)…

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