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  • As intended, in that case. The linking system works by updating the AC variable upon request, to ensure that the link is able to work two-ways. So, just to get this right, it will not update when changing the value through Playmaker, but has…
  • Ignoring the Variables Manager for the moment, is it correct when using the Variable: Check Action to read it? Yes it is correct even tho its not updating. Is Update PM for initial value? checked or unchecked? I tried them both…
  • Did you manage to create the issue? If not I can give more details.. I tried fixing it myself but I still don't know why the sound is repeating
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji May 16
  • The other menu is also set to pause when enabled, and the elements of this menu are just buttons. In order to recreate the issue simply just set the inventory menu to Paused when enabled and add one inventory item - then under the item properties…
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji May 11
  • I have encountered a problem with the menu.. When I open up my inventory menu (that is set to pause game when enabled) and clicked on an item to open up another menu the hover sound lags and keeps repeating.. here is a video to help explain th…
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji May 9
  • Much appreciate it Chris!
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji May 9
  • I'm still considering how to expose this as an option, but here's a modified version of the script above to work whenever the game is not in gameplay mode, or if direct menu-navigation is enabled: Thank you for the script Chris! Its working …
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji May 8
  • Also any news about navigating the menu using different "horizontal" and "vertical" than the ones for the movement?
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji May 7
  • Awesome update Chris! The hover sound is working perfectly now! But I cannot locate the "Option to display an InventoryBox element's Highlight texture if a slot is empty"
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji May 7
  • Is it when you are directly navigating it? And does it pause the game when enabled? Yes, and yeah it is set to pause.. here is a video to help explain the issue. You can see that the hover sound …
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji April 23
  • This script, placed in the scene, will force use of inputs named "Alt_Horizontal" and "Alt_Vertical" when the Inventory menu is open: thanks for the sctipt Chris, but I have more than one menu, would it work on all of them or do I have to de…
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji April 23
  • If your Menu is rendered with Unity UI, you can define what inputs are used for navigation in your EventSystem. My menu is AC, is there an alternative way than the event-system? Is this a Unity UI menu or an AC menu, and is this only w…
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji April 22
  • One more thing.. I've set up a sound effect whenever I turn on the menu, I also set up a hover sound under the -InventoryBox-. However, the issue is that the hover sound always work when I turn the menu on (when there is an item in the inventory) wh…
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji April 22
  • I got something, I noticed that under -InventoryBox- the highlighted texture does not show on an empty slot.. there is only a sound but no texture.. is it possible to have the highlighted texture appear on them as well? Also, can I manage to navi…
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji April 22
  • That worked like a charm. Thanks Chris!
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji April 22
  • Thanks @JackAnimated and @ChrisIceBox for the answers. I've decided to use the active input to call the menu, I've set the menu to manual and everything is great. However, when I call the inventory using active input I can't go back from it, it r…
    in Paused menu Comment by Neji April 18
  • Oh I'm such a dull... All I had to do was just define "Run" in the input manger and it worked. Sorry for the inconvenience..
  • No no what I'm trying to say is, there is only one place for one parameter in the "movement speed float" field right? So If I want to make the player walk Id have to make a transition between the "Idle" and "walk" animations and make a new parameter…
  • AC version: latest Unity version: 2019.2.14f1 The object does have constant ID with Retain in prefab. However, I just noticed that everything works fine for some reason. I don't know why, but I'll try to figure it out and come back with an upd…
  • I tried playing with the sensitivity, it kinda made it a bit smoother, but still there is like a gab between each direction, for example its either 180, 90 or 30 degree, you can't go 35, 40, or 50 degree in-between.. I don't know if you get what i'm…

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