Adventure Creator  1.72.0
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2019
AC.TransformData Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 TransformData ()

Public Attributes

int objectID
bool savePrevented
float LocX
float LocY
float LocZ
float RotX
float RotY
float RotZ
float ScaleX
float ScaleY
float ScaleZ
bool bringBack
int linkedPrefabID
int parentID
bool parentIsNPC = false
bool parentIsPlayer = false
Hand heldHand
int parentPlayerID = -1

Detailed Description

A data container used by the RememberTransform script.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TransformData()

AC.TransformData.TransformData ( )

The default Constructor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bringBack

bool AC.TransformData.bringBack

True if the GameObject should be re-instantiated if removed from the scene

◆ heldHand

Hand AC.TransformData.heldHand

If the GameObject's parent is a Character, which hand is it held in? (Left, Right)

◆ linkedPrefabID

int AC.TransformData.linkedPrefabID

The Constant ID number of the Resources prefab this is linked to

◆ LocX

float AC.TransformData.LocX

The X position

◆ LocY

float AC.TransformData.LocY

The Y position

◆ LocZ

float AC.TransformData.LocZ

The Z position

◆ objectID

int AC.TransformData.objectID

The ConstantID number of the object being saved

◆ parentID

int AC.TransformData.parentID

The Constant ID number of the GameObject's parent

◆ parentIsNPC

bool AC.TransformData.parentIsNPC = false

True if the GameObject's parent is an NPC

◆ parentIsPlayer

bool AC.TransformData.parentIsPlayer = false

True if the GameObject's parent is the Player

◆ parentPlayerID

int AC.TransformData.parentPlayerID = -1

If player-switching is allowed, and the GameObject's parent is an inactive Player, the ID number of that Player

◆ RotX

float AC.TransformData.RotX

The X rotation

◆ RotY

float AC.TransformData.RotY

The Y rotation

◆ RotZ

float AC.TransformData.RotZ

The Z rotation

◆ savePrevented

bool AC.TransformData.savePrevented

If True, saving is prevented

◆ ScaleX

float AC.TransformData.ScaleX

The X scale

◆ ScaleY

float AC.TransformData.ScaleY

The Y scale

◆ ScaleZ

float AC.TransformData.ScaleZ

The Z scale