Adventure Creator  1.68.2
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.References Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AC.References:

Public Attributes

ActionsManager actionsManager
SceneManager sceneManager
SettingsManager settingsManager
InventoryManager inventoryManager
VariablesManager variablesManager
SpeechManager speechManager
CursorManager cursorManager
MenuManager menuManager
bool viewingMenuManager

Detailed Description

This script stores references to each of the managers that store the main game data. Each of the references need to be assigned for the game to work, and an asset file of this script must be placed in the Resources folder.

Member Data Documentation

◆ actionsManager

ActionsManager AC.References.actionsManager

The current game's ActionsManager

◆ cursorManager

CursorManager AC.References.cursorManager

The current game's CursorManager

◆ inventoryManager

InventoryManager AC.References.inventoryManager

The current game's InventoryManager

◆ menuManager

MenuManager AC.References.menuManager

The current game's MenuManager

◆ sceneManager

SceneManager AC.References.sceneManager

The current game's SceneManager

◆ settingsManager

SettingsManager AC.References.settingsManager

The current game's SettingsManager

◆ speechManager

SpeechManager AC.References.speechManager

The current game's SpeechManager

◆ variablesManager

VariablesManager AC.References.variablesManager

The current game's VariablesManager

◆ viewingMenuManager

bool AC.References.viewingMenuManager

True if the Menu Manager is open, so that AC knows to preview Menus in the Game Window