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  • Thank´s Chris as always. I´m already on that. No luck so far but I´ll keep updating in case I found a solution because some people could find the asset bundle and other topics discussed here very confusing but yet importat in Unity´s learning curve.
  • Yes you´re right on the spot. I placed a new player prefab on those scenes and the loading screen now works. But yet again, this is an offline behavor only. I'm still trying to undestand what is avoiding loading from one scene to the other when test…
  • Another update: I´ve tested loading small scenes taht have only a camera and a cube infront of it and the same problem persists. If test the streamed build offline by opening the HTML everything works fine. If I test the thing on a server using a we…
  • I´ve tested the big scene alone and it works perfect also tested all other scenes alone and runs smoothly. With all the other hundreds of tests have been one with the streamed build from the desktop there´s no problem. The thing use to happen when t…
  • Ok the following thing were done to achieve this: 1- A title scene with a main menu and a new game button, following the instructions of the AC tutorials. 2- A big game scene of approx 60mb with a lot of NPC's, a big terrain and other features. 3- A…
  • Yes it just hangs. I´m making more tests. So give me some time to report further details on the issue.
  • Another solution to this problem could be to add more information on how to disable AC on the manual. The manual states that is very easy to turn the engine off to perform certain actions and puts 2 lines of code to do it. For people like me it coul…
  • I´m not a super programmer like yourself. I´m sure Everyone here thinks AC is on of the best plugins ever and we all love it! Is just a question if there is a way to make AC able to connect to all of those controllers in a "universal way" …
  • In my opinion that is a "must have". It is very difficult at this time to integrate with other character controllers and not as simple as the manual says.
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