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More complex Mecanim integration.

 Hi there!

 When I made the animations for my main character, I had the Mecanim Locomotion starter kit (provided by Unity) in mind , I've made several animations for turning (45, 90, 135 and 180º), turning 90/180º while walking, etc...
 With Adventure Creator I can set parameters for speed and turn (wich becomes -1 [left] or 1 [right]), If I'm correct, with those two I can't setup a complex controller wich takes into consideration the direction the character is going to look at.

 I'm not a programmer, so I don't know how AC handles pathfinding or movement, so I'm wondering if it is possible to include this "direction" parameter (take a look at the mecanim examples by Unity Tech to see what I mean).

 Sorry for my english -it isn't my mother language-, and thank you for your time.


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    Do you have a direct link to this example?

    EDIT: Never mind, I've found it.  I will certainly take a look.
  • Chris since you have been in the integration mode as of late... hows about integrating one of the many character controllers out there right now and save yourself for other development...
  • In my opinion that is a "must have". It is very difficult at this time to integrate with other character controllers and not as simple as the manual says.
  • With so many controllers out there, is there a standout asset that you'd consider "must have"?
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    I´m not a super programmer like yourself. I´m sure Everyone here thinks AC is on of the best plugins ever and we all love it! Is just a question if there is a way to make AC able to connect to all of those controllers in a "universal way" or is it really impossible and there has to be an integration script for each one of them? If it was possible to do it in a generic way I think it would bring AC to a hole new level.
    A lot of AC users are not programmers at all, or just beginner or medium level ones. The way things work with AC is what draws that audience. But being able to integrate AC with some character controller requires expert scripting knowledge and that is the place where the only barrier for that audience is.
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    Another solution to this problem could be to add more information on how to disable AC on the manual. The manual states that is very easy to turn the engine off to perform certain actions and puts 2 lines of code to do it. For people like me it could be very hard to determine how an when to apply those lines of code.
    A video tutorial could also be off great help if possible.
  • I've been looking into this for 1.42 - you made an excellent point on the "universal way".  Of course, there's no magic solution for automatically plugging two together, but 1.42 will bring some changes that should make custom motion controllers significantly easier to link up.

    There'll be a new animation engine setting called "Custom", which is really just an easier way of calling a custom animation script that can already be done.  However, choosing will also give you the option to control the character's actual position/rotation as well (though AC will still calculate what these things "should" be.  You can then use a very simple script to link the two together.

    The Motion Controller asset has been brought up several times, and it's a good example because it handles both animation and position.  To link the two together, you first tell AC that Motion Controller will take care of all character motion, and then attach a simple script that passes what AC wants to do with the character to Motion Controller, which actually does it.

    In the case of Motion Controller specifically, such a script could be as few as a dozen lines of code, and work for both Players and NPCs.  A tutorial for this will be made available once 1.42 is released.

    The point here is that it would be impossible to provide specific support for any and all such assets out there, so instead the idea is to make it much easier for users to provide integration for their own needs much more easily.  I think it's a good compromise, and should help AC have much wider integration capabilities than it could by focusing on specific assets.
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  • Chris, Thank you!

    Motion Controller is a great asset with a very active developer, cheers!
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