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  • Thumbs up! :) Love the new new art style :P
  • Great work! Love it :)
    in Growbot Comment by MaaS January 2016
  • Interesting... text-to-speech with mac support :O
    in Text to Speech Comment by MaaS July 2015
  • Thanks Zyxil :)
  • Well it serves me until now, it's a great asset, but I don't know if it will do the same to you :/ It's a costly asset so :S On compatibility, sprites are full compatible.. but for example I don't use 2D AC camera because the transformations that u…
    in Hullo! Comment by MaaS June 2015
  • @humaldo ...about the pixel perfect thing. I use 2Dtoolkit mainly for its 2D camera settings and "pixel-perfectness", it solved all my issues, maybe it could be of use to you too. For Unity sprites, there is this blog post published just…
    in Hullo! Comment by MaaS June 2015
  • @ChrisIceBox Now that you mentioned it... shouldn't "Vertical movement factor" slider be a scene setting instead of a global one? Or is it that if using sorting maps (affecting speed) then it would be ok ?
  • Hey! :) Sadly, things like Apple enforcing 64bits runtimes for the app store and the support of newer and greater hardware took AGS away from the game. On the other hand, Unity handles all the future-proof and compatibility things, Chris has made …
    in Hullo! Comment by MaaS June 2015
  • "Saved by batching" means number of draw calls that are grouped into a single one (and that's good!) ... so the greater the better. And the number of draw calls acceptable for each platform depends on the graphic power of the device where…
    in Windows Store Comment by MaaS April 2015
  • Are you working on 2D? I suppose you are scaling the view (camera ortho size) to fill the native height without letterboxing. But I would use the same limits and scale until the width fill the render window, instead of height. That way, with the…
  • I've been looking for camera projection techniques... King Art did something like that too, with 3D assets projected to lowpoly mesh, only with the faces that shows on camera... With 3dsmax I would use…
  • Great Chris! Thanks!!
  • Nah, don't worry... I was talking by memory... Try using a type GUI, or Advanced... About the resolution: The stats windows shows the stats for the game window... not the on-device resolut…
  • I tried it (although ich spreche nicht Deutsch soooo :P)... anyway, great jam entry! Now, I'll just wait for the English version to understand it too :)
  • It does! :D So then, you only want to support a retina ipad? Then just use your HD textures (sprites/backgrounds)... You don't need any special trick to do this. Unity by default renders to the max resolution of your device. You can configure it t…
  • Not that I know. The thing is... Unity built-in 2D sprites/fonts/things doesn't have any support for multi-resolution atlases... The only thing you could do is using mipmaps. Or make an Unity bundle with SD/HD textures... But I'm not sure how... I…
  • My list:* Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (BEST adventure game ever!) * The Secret of Monkey Island * Day of the Tentacle * Grim Fandango * Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge * The Curse of Monkey Island * Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate * The Long…
  • Hi... To enter edit-mode on the polygon collider you must click the "Edit Collider" button on the collider inspector. Push it again when finished : (Image)
  • No, as far as I know, AC can't do that directly... The dialogue/speech menu picks the current talking line and write it on the talking character position (or fixed position). But there is not a speech menu item for each talking NPC, everybody is usi…

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