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Adventure Creator doesn't accept mixamo FBX characters

Hi guys,
For day i try to put my charactor into AC but it doesn't work...
I look at many tutorials and yes the demo work fine but when i try to create my own it fail directly

But I also halve a question about how to make a intro video das plays the first time before gameplay, like a introduction what happend and that kind of things.

And did AC have an input option to show health bar and other bars or what kind of script i need to use than.
I have much more questions about adventure creator but that is for later.

Kind regards


  • Adventure Creator doesn't care where your animations come from - fbx is supported by Unity, so it should be supported by AC as well. My guess is, your character is humanoid but you haven't marked your animations as humanoid and are trying to play generic animations on your humanoid character. I made that mistake myself many times when starting out.

    For intro video you can just use the Engine: Play Clip action (I think that's what it is called).
  • Welcome to the community, @jeroensdesign.

    For future reference, posts like this belong in Technical Q&A - with you're permission, I'll move the thread.

    Indeed, so long as your character's Animation engine is set to Mecanim, then it relies purely on an Animator component for animation playback.  AC is not concerned with what that Animator actually controls.  If you're having trouble, please post screenshots and details so that we can see what the issue actually is - right now, it's not clear in what way it's failing.

    Video files can be played with Unity's Video Player component.  AC can command this component to play a video at any time using the Engine: Play movie clip Action.

    Health bars can be displayed with non-interactive sliders, that map their values to a Global Float variable.  Create a new Global Float in the Variables Manager, name it e.g. "Player health", and give it a default value e.g. 100.  Then, in the Menu Manager, create a new Menu with a Slider element that has its Slider affects property set to Float Variable, and then select that Variable.  Uncheck the User can change value? property to make it read-only.

    Be aware, however, that AC is intended for non-combatitive, traditional adventure games - so systems such as combat / health etc must generally be provided for via a separate asset or custom script.
  • Thank you everyone for those replies !
    I am trying the first person adventure again and i will try to put some extra's, luke healthbar and fbx character...

    The character still not work.
    I input a standing character fbx file i do character wizard choose player and put character in scene, When i choose NPC  they say  must be enabled in scene,

    Can someone give me the settings i have to change?

    tag as player, etc

    kind regards
  • edited October 2018
    A full rundown of what settings a character comprises of can be found in the Manual's "Creating characters" chapter.  A Player must be tagged as Player, and have a Player component on its root.  For first-person, they must also have Camera and First Person Camera components on a child object.  These are all set automatically when using the Character Wizard.

    By "enabled in scene", it means that the character's model asset must be present in the scene.  This is a case of dragging your model file into the Hierarchy / Scene window, and then dragging that into the "base GameObject" field.

    What is it, exactly, you want to do with this character?  Make an NPC, a first-person Player?  First person players normally don't have a character model - are you looking to have a model so that you can e.g. see the player's body if you look down?

    To be able to help properly, we'll need to see screenshots of the point you're having trouble with.  Try the above step with the Character Wizard, and then post screenshots showing the point you get to.  If you can't complete the Wizard, let's see a screenshot of your scene hierarchy / model / wizard window.  If you complete if but the character doesn't behave as you intend, let's see images of the character as they appear in the Scene window, as well as their Inspector - with full details on the way it's not working.

    As this is an issue unique to your game, the more screenshots and details you can provide, the more quickly we can solve it for you.
  • Thank you very very much
    First i will try a first person but i want option for player to turn camera so that they see the character, like GTA
    Now i try to get them in a car and drive around...

    Anyway i will try all your advise and i hope it will work 

    Yesterday i was trying the Adventure Creator first person tutorial official video, 
    You can get the sword in the inventory, so i think it is also possible to pick a weapon? 

    My question is, can you also use the weapon?
    is that the same way to put an actionscript or do i have to choose some different?

    kind regards

  • edited October 2018
    The sword is actually a "fake sword" prop, and used by the 3D Demo.  It's just a regular inventory item, and is used like all others in traditional adventure games - you first choose the item you want to use, and then the object you want to use it on.

    To be clear: AC is not intended for combat games, but for traditional, non-combatative adventure games - see question 6 on the FAQ page.  If you are looking to make a game with combat, or GTA-style mechanics, this is not the asset to use.

    If you've purchased AC thinking this was what it was for, you can PM me to discuss a refund.
  • That is sad news...
    I was more thinking about police quest style game

    hotspots talking but yes also use weapon 

    i will appreciate if you can help me with some questions..

    like the sword, i just have an fbx 3d weapon, how can i use them
    or is it possible to walk into an cube for point

    Anyway thanks for your quick support!
    later i will think about the asset FPS with adventure qeator, but i have to look up first all the information because it is little high price

    kind regards
  • Hi, sorry i contact you again for 2nd time.
    I really want to know how do i make the animation video when i start the 3D demo in unity.

    That Brain is come into the screen and talk, tin pot say something etc 
    Please can you help me to create some video like that?

    I know first person without character but i can make animations where your character can be vissable speak to each other etc...

    Waiting for your reply 

    Kind Regards Jeroen 
  • edited October 2018
    Inventory items within the UI are displayed as textures - not FBX models.

    I don't know what you mean by "walk into an cube for point" - could you rephrase that?  You can create Triggers in your scene to run ActionLists when the player moves into certain areas in your scene.

    AC does not handle combat.  Combat mechanics must be provided that either with your own code, or via a separate asset - see the Manual's "Integrating other gameplay" chapter.  A number of integrations for other assets can be found on the AC wiki.

    It isn't trivial, however, as your needs will be unique and there is no fixed step-by-step process for integrating multiple assets/mechanics together.  What I would suggest is to either rely on a different asset that's more appropriate for your needs (again, PM me if you want to discuss a refund in this case), or to put aside combat for the moment and learn AC as its intended to be used.

    AC is a complex tool, and integrating additional assets/mechanics only adds to the complexity.  I'd certainly recommend first becoming familiar with both Unity and AC "on its own" before attempting to merge with other assets.
  • Hi.... I am sorry
    I mean, walk in a cube and then get points, like XP Points.
    I Find something very interessing and it will work with AC also.
    It is a third person asset, so you see your character moving around like gta

    Or can you advice me something better ?

    Thanks for your support

    Kind regards
  • I can't recommend what other assets are "better" when they deal with something outside of AC's scope.  There are many such assets for third-person movement and combat, but the Integrations wiki page covers those that already have basic integrations written.

    For a cube that gets points, a Trigger will do fine.  Your XP Points can be stored as a Global Variable whose value is increased when the Player enters the trigger - using the Variable: Set Action.
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