Adventure Creator  1.68.2
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.SoundData Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AC.SoundData:

Public Member Functions

 SoundData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AC.RememberData
 RememberData ()

Public Attributes

bool isPlaying
bool isLooping
int samplePoint
string clipID
float relativeVolume
float maxVolume
float smoothVolume
float fadeTime
float originalFadeTime
int fadeType
float otherVolume
float targetRelativeVolume
float originalRelativeVolume
float relativeChangeTime
float originalRelativeChangeTime
- Public Attributes inherited from AC.RememberData
int objectID
bool savePrevented

Detailed Description

A data container used by the RememberSound script.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SoundData()

AC.SoundData.SoundData ( )

The default Constructor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ clipID

string AC.SoundData.clipID

A unique identifier for the currently-playing AudioClip

◆ fadeTime

float AC.SoundData.fadeTime

The time remaining in a fade effect

◆ fadeType

int AC.SoundData.fadeType

The fade type, where 0 = FadeIn, 1 = FadeOut

◆ isLooping

bool AC.SoundData.isLooping

True if a sound is looping

◆ isPlaying

bool AC.SoundData.isPlaying

True if a sound is playing

◆ maxVolume

float AC.SoundData.maxVolume

The Sound's maximum volume (internally calculated)

◆ originalFadeTime

float AC.SoundData.originalFadeTime

The original time duration of the active fade effect

◆ originalRelativeChangeTime

float AC.SoundData.originalRelativeChangeTime

The original time duration of the active change in relative volume

◆ originalRelativeVolume

float AC.SoundData.originalRelativeVolume

The Sound's original relative volume, if changing over time

◆ otherVolume

float AC.SoundData.otherVolume

The volume if the Sound's soundType is SoundType.Other

◆ relativeChangeTime

float AC.SoundData.relativeChangeTime

The time remaining in a change in relative volume

◆ relativeVolume

float AC.SoundData.relativeVolume

The relative volume on the Sound component

◆ samplePoint

int AC.SoundData.samplePoint

How far along the track a sound is

◆ smoothVolume

float AC.SoundData.smoothVolume

The Sound's smoothed-out volume (internally calculated)

◆ targetRelativeVolume

float AC.SoundData.targetRelativeVolume

The Sound's new relative volume, if changing over time