Adventure Creator  1.66.8
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.OptionsData Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 OptionsData ()
 OptionsData (int _ID)
 OptionsData (int _language, bool _showSubtitles, float _sfxVolume, float _musicVolume, float _speechVolume, int _ID)
 OptionsData (OptionsData _optionsData, int _ID)

Public Attributes

int language
bool showSubtitles
float sfxVolume
float musicVolume
float speechVolume
string linkedVariables = ""
string saveFileNames = ""
int lastSaveID = -1
string label
int ID

Detailed Description

A data container for all variables stored as Options data, and those associated with player profiles and save game filenames.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OptionsData() [1/4]

AC.OptionsData.OptionsData ( )

The default Constructor.

◆ OptionsData() [2/4]

AC.OptionsData.OptionsData ( int  _ID)

A Constructor with default values, except the ProfileID, which is explicitly set.

◆ OptionsData() [3/4]

AC.OptionsData.OptionsData ( int  _language,
bool  _showSubtitles,
float  _sfxVolume,
float  _musicVolume,
float  _speechVolume,
int  _ID 

A Constructor in which the basic options values are explicitly set.

◆ OptionsData() [4/4]

AC.OptionsData.OptionsData ( OptionsData  _optionsData,
int  _ID 

A Constructor in which the basic options values are copied from another instance of OptionsData.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ID

int AC.OptionsData.ID

A unique identifier

◆ label

string AC.OptionsData.label

The name of the profile associated with this instance

◆ language

int AC.OptionsData.language

The current language, represented by an index of languages in Speech Manager

◆ lastSaveID

int AC.OptionsData.lastSaveID = -1

A unique identifier of the last save game to be written

◆ linkedVariables

string AC.OptionsData.linkedVariables = ""

A condensed string representing the values of all Global Variables that link to Options Data

◆ musicVolume

float AC.OptionsData.musicVolume

The current music volume (ranges from 0 to 1)

◆ saveFileNames

string AC.OptionsData.saveFileNames = ""

A condensed string representing the labels of all save game files

◆ sfxVolume

float AC.OptionsData.sfxVolume

The current SFX volume (ranges from 0 to 1)

◆ showSubtitles

bool AC.OptionsData.showSubtitles

True if subtitles are enabled

◆ speechVolume

float AC.OptionsData.speechVolume

The current speech volume (ranges from 0 to 1)