Adventure Creator  1.68.2
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.NavMeshBase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AC.NavMeshBase:
AC.NavigationMesh AC.NavMeshSegment AC.StaticObstacle

Public Member Functions

void Hide ()
void Show ()
void IgnoreNavMeshCollisions (Collider[] allColliders=null)

Public Attributes

bool disableRenderer = true
bool ignoreCollisions = true

Protected Member Functions

void BaseAwake ()


Collider Collider [get]

Detailed Description

A base class for NavigationMesh and NavMeshSegment, which control scene objects used by pathfinding algorithms.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Hide()

void AC.NavMeshBase.Hide ( )

Disables the Renderer component.

◆ IgnoreNavMeshCollisions()

void AC.NavMeshBase.IgnoreNavMeshCollisions ( Collider []  allColliders = null)

Calls Physics.IgnoreCollision on all appropriate Collider combinations (Unity 5 only).

◆ Show()

void AC.NavMeshBase.Show ( )

Enables the Renderer component. If the GameObject has both a MeshFilter and a MeshCollider, then the MeshColliders's mesh will be used by the MeshFilter.

Member Data Documentation

◆ disableRenderer

bool AC.NavMeshBase.disableRenderer = true

Disables the Renderer when the game begins

◆ ignoreCollisions

bool AC.NavMeshBase.ignoreCollisions = true

If True, then Physics collisions with this GameObject's Collider will be disabled

Property Documentation

◆ Collider

Collider AC.NavMeshBase.Collider

The attached Collider component