Adventure Creator  1.68.3
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.ConversationData Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AC.ConversationData:

Public Member Functions

 ConversationData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AC.RememberData
 RememberData ()

Public Attributes

string _optionStates
string _optionLocks
string _optionChosens
int lastOption
string _optionLabels
string _optionLineIDs
- Public Attributes inherited from AC.RememberData
int objectID
bool savePrevented

Detailed Description

A data container used by the RememberConversation script.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConversationData()

AC.ConversationData.ConversationData ( )

The default Constructor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _optionChosens

string AC.ConversationData._optionChosens

The 'already chosen' state of each DialogOption

◆ _optionLabels

string AC.ConversationData._optionLabels

The labels of each DialogOption

◆ _optionLineIDs

string AC.ConversationData._optionLineIDs

The line IDs of each DialogOption

◆ _optionLocks

string AC.ConversationData._optionLocks

The locked state of each DialogOption

◆ _optionStates

string AC.ConversationData._optionStates

The enabled state of each DialogOption

◆ lastOption

int AC.ConversationData.lastOption

The index of the last-chosen option