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  • Yes I did, but it didn't change anything.. I've been trying to solve it but I just can't figure out what's the problem, maybe the AC version I have?
    in D-PAD Comment by Neji July 2017
  • My Unity version is 5.6.0f3.-(Image) My AC version is 1.56e, I haven't upgraded because my project is currently huge and slow, and I haven't made a back up yet.- (Image) This is my current settings on the inventory menu I made and for the elem…
    in D-PAD Comment by Neji July 2017
  • Yes, the element is not selecting, I tried checking pause when enabled, and it didn't work, then I unchecked it and enabled   Engine: Manage systems: Control in-game menus, but still the first element is not selecting, and I can't navigate between t…
    in D-PAD Comment by Neji July 2017
  • Hello @ChrisIceBox, I did try to use Unity Ui but I encountered a problem. Whenever I run the game and open the menu, I cannot navigate between items until I use the mouse to click on one of the buttons first then I can use my D-pad to navigate. of …
    in D-PAD Comment by Neji July 2017
  • I have the latest version of AC I believe, and Unity version: 5.6-I know the images are causing confusing, but the thing is, no matter how much I change the min value and the max value it always appears empty like that in the last image, just empty …
    in Simple Health Comment by Neji May 2017
  • Guys, you are genius! Thank you so much for the help, it worked like a charm! I managed to connect the health variable with the triggers and all, I now even have the abilities to do a lot of things with the variables once I understood how it worked.…
    in Simple Health Comment by Neji May 2017
  • Hey @ChrisIceBox , @Deckard_89 , Sorry for the late reply I've been having exams.So, I tried following your method, but I couldn't understand much. It was difficult to follow up. I Kinda know somethings about Adventure creator, but I'm not familiar …
    in Simple Health Comment by Neji May 2017
  • No no, it doesn't close and open instantly.. That's not my issue. I may didn't explain very well due to my lack of English.. Everything is working fine, but i'm just trying to find a way to open the menu and then wait a bit before I can close it aga…
  • @ChrisIceBox  My Inventory menu appear type is set to [On Input Key] And I'm depending on it to open and close the menu. When I press *B* on my controller it opens the Inventory menu. 
  • Hello, @ChrisIceBox So in order to do that I have to go to [Menu] > [Inventory] > and in the "ActionList when turned on" I should put a check state first? then what? I'm kinda noob. If you could please tell me by detail how to achiev…
  • @MAC , I kinda figured out the menu way. It looks a lot better, the only problem is that I have to make a menu for each item I interact with.. I guess. Another problem is, I can't use my controller to scroll between the two buttons, unless I check &…

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