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Menu Appear as one type and Disappear as another?

I'd like my inventory to pop up in the middle of the screen when an inventory button is pressed (type: On Input Key) or by an action like picking up an inventory item (open inventory, fade in new icon), then disappear when my cursor leaves the inventory menu (type: Mouse Over). This way my inventory gets out of the way when dragging an icon off my inventory menu and allows the player to drop it on a hotspot.

Any thoughts on how to implement something like this, or maybe there is something obvious I'm overlooking?



  • The "Appear Type: On Input Key" is there more for convenience than anything - there's other ways to do it.

    Instead, you can have a looping ActionList that runs in the background.  Make it check continually for the input (with the Input: Check Action).  If it returns true, and the menu is Off (check with the Menu: Check state Action), then unlock the Menu (with the Menu: Change state Action).
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