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Display Items Examine text on highlight in inventory

Hi All!
I am trying to create a game that is using just the keyboard, no mouse. I would like to make it so when you open up the inventory the 'examine' action runs as you scroll over each item.

Right now I have it so you can examine the items by pressing the 'examine' button. But I would like it to happen automatically

Any Ideas?


  • edited December 2019

    You can hook into the OnMouseOverMenu custom event to detect when hovering over an inventory item, and then run its Examine interaction:

    private void OnEnable ()
        EventManager.OnMouseOverMenu += OnMouseOverMenu;
    private void OnDisable ()
        EventManager.OnMouseOverMenu -= OnMouseOverMenu;
    private void OnMouseOverMenu (Menu menu, MenuElement element, int slot)
        if (menu.title == "Inventory" && element != null)
            MenuInventoryBox inventoryBox = element as MenuInventoryBox;
            if (inventoryBox != null)
                InvItem invItem = inventoryBox.GetItem (slot);
                if (invItem != null)
                    invItem.RunExamineInteraction ();
  • Thank you for your response Chris,
    Would you be able to point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to 'Hook into' custom events?
    I come from an animation background so have zero coding knowledge. Sorry!

  • I linked the "custom event" above to a tutorial, but the code I wrote should also do it - though you may have to rename the "Inventory" menu string.

    See also the Manual's "Custom events" chapter for further explanation.

  • HI Chris. I added this script to the GameEngine Object but when I try to run, I get the error:
    Unexpected symbol void', expectingclass', delegate',enum', interface',partial', or `struct'

    any Ideas?

  • Don't overwrite the default C# code with that - it goes inside the script itself.

    Create a new C# script, remove the default Start / Update functions, and insert the code above where they used to be.

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