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Custom animation + text at the same time

I'm using AC 1.60.7 + unity 2017.1.1f1 for a 2d game. Is it possible to have a custom animation, and, at the same time the text of the character without the use of the talk animation?

I'd like my character can make some actions and, during these, can talk. If I use the standard dialogue in action list, the animation change to talk, but i'd like to use the character text during some custom action (or also for walking and talking at the same time).

Thank you 


  • By "text of the character", you mean their speech text?  What's your character's animation engine?  Have you tried toggling the "Don't animate speaker?" field in the Dialogue: Play speech Action?

    The latest release, v1.61.0, allows for head animation (i.e. talking) that's independent from the rest of the body, allowing for simultaneous walking + talking.  How you go about it depends on your animation engine (see the "Head turning" chapter of the Manual as well as the Downloads page for an example).

  • Hi Chris, 
    thank you: yes I mean  character's speech. I'm using Sprites Unity and I tried "Don't animate speaker", but I can't synchronize the action: for example I'd like my character opens a drawer and at the same time, talks, or, opens a missive and talks. But, at the moment, my solution is make many talk loop and set them according to the character's action.
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