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Inventory Manager and Cursor (optional)

Is there a way to remove in-game Cursor (optional) texture in Inventory Manager?
When I open inventory this slot is empty, then with 
KickStarter.runtimeInventory.GetItem (_slot).cursorIcon.texture = KickStarter.runtimeInventory.GetItem (clickedItemOffset) .cursorIcon.texture
I assign to it the texture but afterwards I would need to reset the slot again.
I did not find the way, I tried NULL, ClearSprites and other functions  unsuccessful.


    1. Hardware or Software cursor rendering?
    2. Is the cursor animated?
    3. What is the "Texture type" set to in the Textures' Inspectors?
    4. Did you try ClearCache?
  • edited October 2017
    Hi Chris, it seems that due to the structure of my script the instruction was not executed. With a Coroutine and yield return null
    KickStarter.runtimeInventory.GetItem (clickedItem).cursorIcon.texture = null
    it works
    Thank you
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