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Player disappears randomly when I make build

Hi everyone,
I had a strange porblem: I made a little 2d point and click adventure (a test with 3 rooms) context sensitive, using Unity 5.3.1f1 and AC 1.50g.

When I test it inside Unity I have no problem and my player is always visible (when he walks, takes a object, goes to a hotspot), but when I made the build (windows x86) my player disappears randomly: when I start the game he is in the room, but when I start to look a hotspot, open a drawer, he disappears. If I go to another room and then come back he re-appears.

But I can't understand where's the problem.


  • On what platform?  Unity 5.3 has been the cause of many strange problems - please update to AC v1.51b and see if the fixes included solve the issue.
  • i would like to interject. Try and do a reimport. sometimes a build does things different to the editor. I find a reimport makes the editor behave like it will be in build again.  I found this to work, and do it once every 1-2 months just to make sure XD

    Note: large games will take a long time to re-import, but three scenes should be pretty swift.

    worth a go :)

  • Hi Chis and hi klarax,
    thank for all the responses.

    At the end I solved making the update to 1.51b.

    Thank you very much
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