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About "Always Walk" in Unity Adventure Remake

Hi, Chris

In some cases, the game will only let players walk, not let players run (such as double-click).

According to the steps in the unity adventure remake tutorial, an onstartgame (actionlist asset) is created, in which player: constraint is set in advance to restrict players from walking.

But the result of the test is that it only works in the first scenario, as long as you cut into the second scenario, it will not works normal.

I wonder if this is normal?



  • Welcome to the community, @moongamestudio.

    What's your AC version? This should have been addressed in v1.70.0.

  • I'm using version 1.70.2

  • I'll look into it, thanks for the report.

    In the meantime, you can ensure walking is enforced by using the same Action in the second scene's OnStart cutscene.

  • edited April 9


  • Recreated - though I'm afraid the steps necessary to address it are too complex to post here.

    I will see that a fix is included in the next release, however.

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