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Prefix Cursor Labels


I am working on a project that has interaction and then hotspot as the interaction method. I also have the verbs prefixed to the hotspot text and I have the appear type of the hotspot set to "On Hotspot". The problem I am running into is that I want the hotspot text to only be shown when the mouse is in fact hovering over a hotspot. But if I have the verbs prefixed, they always show regardless of this. So I would get "look at door" if hovering over a door with the look cursor selected, but would get simply "look" if I am not hovering over any hotspot. I'd prefer for nothing to be shown in the latter case.

Is this the default functionality and, if so, how could I override it?



  • edited February 17

    It is the default functionality - though I understand the argument for an alternative.

    You should be able to override it, however, by locking the Menu whenever you aren't hovering over a Hotspot, and when the Hotspot label isn't set by a Menu:

    using UnityEngine;
    using AC;
    public class LockHotspotMenuExample : MonoBehaviour
        Menu hotspotMenu;
        void Start ()
            hotspotMenu = PlayerMenus.GetMenuWithName ("Hotspot");  
        void Update ()
            if (KickStarter.playerInteraction.GetActiveHotspot () == null &&
                KickStarter.playerMenus.GetHotspotLabel () == KickStarter.playerInteraction.InteractionLabel)
                hotspotMenu.isLocked = true;
                hotspotMenu.isLocked = false;
  • Couldn't try this until now, but it worked. Thanks.

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