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Topdown Game

I am interested in the package. It seems to have all the different things I need. I have question regarding can I create a Topdown game with this package.? Also if I can use third party controller like Opsive Third Person Controller with this. Since it has ability system that I like ?



  • You can certainly make games top-down, a few of my early AC experiments were isometric in a similar sense.

    Following on from that, I was also using a separate third person controller for this project, though that was one I'd put together myself, rather than using the opsive one, but it's certainly possible to use other movement systems with Adventure Creator!

  • This looks nice. Have you finished this game ?

  • Welcome to the community, @kotor.

    The camera perspective is really a matter of user choice - AC works with both orthographic and perspective projection.

    AC also provides various camera types - the primary one for 3D games being GameCamera, and for 2D being GameCamera2D. However, if you need more specific/unique behaviour, it's also possible to make use of your own camera type - see the Manual's "Custom cameras" chapter.

    As for character control, AC comes with its own controller but it's fairly rudimentary and best suited for "classic" adventure games that AC itself is intended for. Integration with other controller assets is possible, but does require scripting to bridge the gap between the two.

    More on this can be found in the Manual's "Custom motion controllers" chapter, and a tutorial can be found here. There is also a sample integration script for Opsive's UCC on the AC wiki, though it's fairly basic in that it essentially just switches control between AC and UCC based on whether you're in a cutscene or not. For a deeper connection (e.g. AC movement commands are responded to by UCC) you would need to contact Opsive as they have been the ones assisting with the UCC side of the integration.

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