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Strange issue when copy a menu

I'm using AC 1.69.0 + unity 2018.4.7f.
I'm following this discussion to solve a font problem: And this Per-language menu script:

But I have a strange issue: I "copy" and "paste after" the actual menu (for example Subtitiles of hotspot) and change their names and fonts. And I found the issue: I tested the game and I have all the two menus overlapping (also if they have different names). The same thing also for hotspot menus.

Here's the two menus:
And this is the result:

I thought the AC invokes, by default, only "Subtitles" menu and not also "Subtitle_test" (the duplicated one). Have I to unchecked "Is visible" on SubLinePanel? or is this not the correct way?

thank you.


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