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Font issues with translations


We have an issue regarding translations. We use a custom font with English and all other languages that use the Latin Alphabet, but we're including Chinese and Russian translations in the next update of our game. Now, we have an issue with the font size. As I understand, Chinese and Russian characters are drawn from Unity's own font, when the proper characters aren't included in our custom font. But the size of the Unity's own font is HUGE compared to ours and it's messing up the game, as dialog lines appear on top of other characters and some of the menus look super weird because of this.

So, how do I change the size of the Unity's font (or whatever the font is that supports Chinese and Cyrillic characters) Without making our own font too small to read?


  • If you're looking to change the font asset itself, that's more of a Unity issue and you should look to Unity's forums for more help on that.

    On the AC side of things, however, there are a couple of things you can try:

    1) Changing the "Font size" of your Menus dynamically with the game's current language.  This can be done using the OnChangeLanguage custom event, but the exact code will vary depending on the Source values of your Menus.  Are you using Adventure Creator or Unity UI to draw them?

    An example sue of the OnChangeLanguage event can be found in this entry of the AC wiki:

    2) Using TextMeshPro for your text display may sort this issue (I don't know for sure).  An integration script between AC and TMP can also be found on the AC wiki:
  • Thanks for the advice! 
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