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Knowing if the player activated an Action List

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There are two ways action lists can be run in my game;

  • Most are initiated by player actions
  • Some, might be setup to run in the scene (OnStart..etc)

Are there ways to know if an actionlist has been initiated by a player? Basically I'm interested in flagging and tracking action lists the player has begun and which end. I don't want my tracking however to become confused by other Action Lists which may be running and ending in the scene.



  • You can hook into the OnBeginActionList custom event to record when an ActionList is run.

  • @ChrisIceBox Yeah, that was my first thought as well, but that will fire when any action list begins, correct? I can't figure out how I can use that to know if an action list has been started specifically by a player action.

  • What do you mean specifically by a "player action"? As in, a Hotspot being interacted with? OnHotspotInteract could be used in that case.

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    @ChrisIceBox THERE WE GO. Yes. That might be the way forward!

    The very best of days to you sir.

  • Alright, so, I've implemented this solution for now;

    Here's the clincher - I don't care about all action lists. Is there a way I could set a parameter on an action list and read that in at this point?


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    Ah, reading the manual and what do I discover? Action lists can have parameters set on them. This sounds perfect.

    I'm still a little inexperienced with handling lists in C#, how via script would I check to see if an action list has a parameter setup on it?

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    For now I'm doing a actionList.parameters.Count. If it's greater than 0 then I can tell an action list has parameters on it at all which is enough to keep me going for now!

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