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ITranslatable questions

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I'm trying to integrate custom translations for my scripts using ITranslatable, and everything is mostly working, except that I can't assign the right owner to every line.

There are 2 functions used for that: GetOwner and OwnerIsPlayer. Unfortunately, they don't receive an index like the rest of the functions do, so I can only assign the same character to all the lines in my translatable, which is sadly not enough.

Is this an oversight, or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


  • The owner is assumed to be the same for all lines found in the iTranslatable instance. For separate characters, you would curretly need separate instances.

    What's the context here?

  • I'm replacing some ActionLists with scripts. My script has a scripted conversation, and every line is for a different character, which works except for what I mentioned before.

  • I would say it's fair to consider providing an index property for these functions, but because of the upgrades involved for those with existing implementations, it likely wouldn't be part of a minor update.

    However, you could be a little bit sneaky with your existing code - because GetOwner and OwnerIsPlayer are only both called immediately after HasExistingTranslation, which does include the index. Therefore, you could record the last-called index in this function, and use it in your implementations of the others.

  • Yeah, I understand there might be compatibility breaking problems to think about, but thanks for considering it. Again, maybe adding a parameter with a default value might help, which will be a binary breaking change but no source changes involved...

    In any case, I'll use that little hack you mention in the meantime, and I'll keep a look on future versions to see if you've been able to add said parameters.

    Thanks again, very helpful as usual!

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