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Disabling certain menu during cutscene

Sorry it might be kind of basic, but I cannot find how to disable certain menu (e.g. the inventory menu) during cutscene. How may I do that?


  • A Menu's Appear type will determine when a Menu is shown. When set to During Gameplay, it'll only be visible when in regular gameplay - and hidden during cutscenes.

    If set to Manual, you have full control over its display via the Menu: Change state Action.

  • The Inventory Menu Appear Type is set to On Input Key as it is toggled with a key press, but it has to be disabled during cutscene. I now know it can be done by Menu: Change state, but I am hoping I don't have to put the Menu: Change state action in the beginning and end of every cutscene actionlist.

    Doing a check of KickStarter.stateHandler.gameState in Update() is one way to make it more convenient, but is there something like a delegate for "On Cutscene starts / end" that can be called?

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