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Version 1.65 - Custom translatables, scene-surviving ActionLists, TextMeshPro support

This release brings some fairly large changes to the core of AC to allow for some of its features and improvements, so please heed the usual warnings and backup your projects before upgrading.  The key features:

Custom translatables
This'll be more for those looking to extend AC through script, but it's now possible to incorporate custom text types into the Speech Manager for translation.  I've leave it to the Manual's new chapter to explain the details, but one bonus advantage of this is a speedup for the "Gather text" feature.

Scene-surviving ActionLists
ActionList assets that aren't marked as skippable can now be set to survive scene changes.  This makes it much easier to incorporate "game-wide" logic such as background timers etc, that need to run at all times.  The Scene: Switch Action can also trigger further Actions if used in this way, making it easier to build cutscenes that span multiple scenes.

TextMeshPro support
While this has been available via the wiki script, AC now has built-in support for TextMeshPro by adding TextMeshProIsPresent as a Scripting Define Symbol.  Be mindful, however, that this essentially replaces all of AC's internal references to Text components to TextMeshProUGUI.  This means that all UI Canvases - including the default set - will not display correctly until their components are replaced.

Disabling Action types
This is an old feature that was discontinued a while back due to breakages, but now it's back - the ability to disable Action types within the Actions Manager to prevent them from showing up in Action selector fields.  Pre-existing Actions of disabled types will still show, but you won't be able to change them or make new ones.

Sunsetting Unity 5.3.5
Not a feature, but important to note - the minimum Unity version that AC officially supports is now 5.6.6.  This release will still work with 5.3.5, however, but you'll have to import it into a later Unity version and copy the Scripts folder into your 5.3.5 project.


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    And the full changelog..

    Version 1.65.0:

    Upgrade notes
    • Sunsetting support for Unity 5.3.4 - the new minimum Unity version is Unity 5.6.6
    • From Unity 2018.2, the 2.5D GameCamera no longer exposes "Offset" values, as the Physical Camera settings allow for the same effecy
    • If the "Player: Switch" Action uses the old Player's position as a reference for the new Player's, the camera is no longer affected
    • The OnAfterSceneChange event is now called when loading a save file in the same scene, as the LoadingGame parameter is set to InSameScene
    • The OnMenuElementClick custom event is now triggered after the effect of clicking a menu element has been performed

    Speech and translations
    • Added: Ability to include custom text in Speech Manager for translation
    • Added: CustomTranslatableExample script - a sample component that demonstrates how to include custom text in translations
    • Added: Ability, through script, to gather lines to the Speech Manager from the currently-open scene only
    • Added: Ability to list the presence of audio files when exporting speech lines as game text
    • Added: Speed improvements to the Speech Manager's "Gather text" operation
    • Fixed: Lines removed after gathering text still appearing still appearing in the Speech Manager until Unity is restarted
    • Fixed: Matching speech text-merging feature not accounting for lines separated by carriage returns
    • Fixed: Journal pages and variable translations not being properly reset when game text is reset
    • Fixed: Translations of Inventory properties of type "PopUp" not displaying

    • Added: TextMeshPro support - add the "TextMeshProIsPresent" scripting define symbol, and Unity UI-based Menus will rely on TMPro Text components
    • Added: "Text alignment" option for AC InventoryBox elements with a "Display type" of "Text Only"
    • Added: Ability to have InputBox menu elements only accept input while they are specifically selected
    • Added: Dedicated method to assign a Graphic menu element's texture through script
    • Changed: The OnMenuElementClick custom event is now triggered after the effect of clicking a menu element has been performed
    • Fixed: Display issues with Unity UI Menus that render in "Screen Space - Camera" mode
    • Fixed: "Release touch to interact with pause Menus?" having an effect when the Input Method is set to Mouse And Keyboard
    • Fixed: Game not always pausing correctly if a “pause” Menu turns on immediately when a scene begins
    • Fixed: Turning on "pausing" Menus resulting in incorrect GameState in rare circumstances
    • Fixed: Minor display issue with ProfilesList menu elements in AC menus
    • Fixed: Issues with the auto-sizing of AC menu Label elements
    • Fixed: Display issues with AC Label elements with a Size property of Automatic

    • Added: Improved filter options for the Inventory Manager
    • Added: Progress bar to the New Game Wizard's asset creation process
    • Added: Minor usability improvements to the Actions Manager
    • Added: Limit to the length of non-selected text lines displayed in the Speech Manager
    • Added: Ability to re-order standard Inventory item interactions when "Inventory interactions" is set to "Multiple"
    • Fixed: Display issues when ActionList editors when viewing Actions no longer listed in the Actions Manager
    • Fixed: Display issue with the "Container: Open" Action's UI

    • Added: Ability for ActionList assets to survive scene changes, provided that they are not skippable
    • Added: Asset-based instances of the "Scene: Switch" Action can run subsequent Actions, provided that the asset is marked to survive scene changes
    • Added: Ability to re-run the Actions that were playing at the time of pausing an ActionList when it is later resumed
    • Added: Ability to disable individual Action types, and prevent them from appearing in type selector lists
    • Added: OnBeginActionList custom event - triggered whenever an ActionList is run
    • Fixed: Not being able to set the "Node colour" of custom Actions

    Player switching
    • Changed: If the "Player: Switch" Action uses the old Player's position as a reference for the new Player's, the camera is no longer affected
    • Fixed: Switching Player resulting in the old Player lingering in the scene one extra frame before being removed
    • Fixed: GameCamera position issues after switching Player

    • Added: Method to the Char script to get the angle difference between a character's current and intended facing direction
    • Changed: The Player script's StopTurning method has been renamed to StopTankTurning
    • Fixed: Player "Turn float" parameter not always resetting to zero when control is taken away if movement involves tank-turning
    • Fixed: The Hotspot component overriding the Char component when calculating a head's target direction in the "Character: Face object" Action
    • Fixed: The OnClearHeadTurnTarget custom event not triggering under some circumstances
    • Fixed: Issues with IK head-turning in Unity 2018

    • Added: Ability for the "Dialogue: Play Conversation" Action to link to other Actions if it does not override options and Conversations are not treated as gameplay
    • Added: Ability to configure the delay time between choosing a Conversation's dialogue option and its ActionList triggering
    • Fixed: Skipping a Conversation's dialogue options always forcing a return to gameplay if relying on an ActionList asset file
    • Fixed: Issues when saving if Conversations are treated as normal gameplay

    • Added: Ability to override the input vector read by the GameCamera2DDrag component through subclassing
    • Added: Ability to preview the "active" 2.5D GameCamera through external script, as opposed to solely through its Inspector
    • Changed: From Unity 2018.2, the 2.5D GameCamera no longer exposes "Offset" values, as the Physical Camera settings allow for the same effecy
    • Fixed: First Person Camera's head-bobbing speed factor not having an effect
    • Fixed: Issues with previewing 2.5D GameCameras in Edit mode

    • Added: Ability for "Choose Interaction Then Hotspot" mode to run the selected-Inventory item's first "Standard" interaction by invoking the "DefaultInteraction" input
    • Fixed: Issues with "giving" inventory items when using Choose Hotspot Then Interaction mode

    • Added: Fallback rebuild of the game's Options data if it somehow becomes corrupted and unreadable
    • Added: Ability to override the recorded touch phase input through script
    • Changed: The "Object: Transform" Action's "Transition time" field no longer has an upper limit
    • Changed: Private variables and methods in the ActionSpeech script are now protected so that it can be extended through subclassing
    • Changed: The OnAfterSceneChange event is now called when loading a save file in the same scene, as the LoadingGame parameter is set to InSameScene
    • Fixed: Duplicate ConstantID numbers not being corrected if the associated GameObject has more than one ConstantID or Remember component
    • Fixed: Music and ambience audio sometimes playing at the wrong volume after crossfading from another track
    • Fixed: Various issues with the OnAfterSceneChange event
    • Fixed: Documents starting from index "1", instead of "0"
    • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Unity 2018.3 beta
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    Scene-surviving ActionLists should be great for my day and night cycles! Too bad I need to redo all my Textmesh pro menus but at least they will be cleaner now without needing to reference all those invisible Unity UI texts.
  • Brilliant stuff, thanks Chris for all your hard work on this.
  • Version 1.65.1
    • Added: Tooltips to all Manager fields (Unity 2017 or later)
    • Added: The value fields in the "ActionList: Check parameter" Action can now themselves be set by parameters
    • Added: Text fields in the "Menu: Change state" and "Menu: Check state" Actions now support tokens
    • Added: Progress bar to the Speech Manager’s "Gather text" operation
    • Added: Warning message if the “Menu: Set input box text” Action cannot find the specified Input element
    • Changed: AC-based SavesList menu elements now enforce word-wrapping
    • Fixed: Error when attempting to gather Document page text into the Speech Manager in v1.65.0
    • Fixed: Issues with the "ActionList: Check parameter" Action’s ability to compare Inventory Item parameters
    • Fixed: Triggering an inventory item's "Default Interaction" not always having the desired effect
    • Fixed: The MainCamera in Unity's SampleScene not always being converted to an AC MainCamera when organising scene objects
    • Fixed: Undo operations in the Menu Manager not working correctly
    • Fixed: PlayerCursor script's GetSelectedCursorID method not returning the correct value in Context Sensitive mode
    • Fixed: OnSetHardwareCursor event not firing under certain conditions
    • Fixed: Display issues with menu elements set to scale automatically with no associated text
    • Fixed: Rare movement glitch when pausing the game with characters that rely on Character Controllers
    • Fixed: Speech Manager prompting transfer of "Dialogue: Play speech" Action comments when the Action can be of another type
    • Fixed: Unnecessary error messages appearing after Speech Manager's "Reset text" operation
    • Added: Tooltips to all Manager fields (Unity 2017 or later)
    Nice, I was actually going to suggest this.
  • The Scene-surviving ActionLists feature is crazy appreciated :smiley:

  • More a'comin..

    Version 1.65.2

    Upgrade note
    • Removed the MainCamera's SetScreenFocus and ReleaseScreenFocus functions, as camera rotation tweaking is now handled by the attached camera

    • Added: Tooltips to all Inspector fields (Unity 2017 or later)
    • Added: Use of the [paramlabel:X] token for Inventory Item, Global Variable and Local Variable parameters
    • Added: Ability to automatically set a Hotspot Interaction ActionList's "Inventory item" parameter to the item used to trigger it
    • Added: Custom events triggered when adding and removing Journal pages
    • Added: When gathering text, the Speech Manager will now also search Timeline assets for custom Timeline tracks that support translations
    • Added: Ability for ArrowPrompts to trigger ActionList assets instead of scene-based Cutscenes
    • Added: Minor tweaks to Editor styling in preparation of Unity 2019 theming change
    • Added: Warning message to the Console if the "Object: Animate" Action is used to play an animation that doesn't exist using the "Sprites Unity" engine
    • Added: Improved default names for Path node cutscenes
    • Added: Progress bar to the Speech Manager's "Reset text" operation
    • Added: Support for strikethrough, underline, subscript, superscript and link tags when scrolling subtitle text in a TextMeshPro text box
    • Added: Ability to ping automatically-set audio and lipsync files from the Speech Manager
    • Added: Minor pathfinding optimisations
    • Changed: Removed need for a "LookAt transform" child on the MainCamera
    • Changed: Removed the MainCamera’s SetScreenFocus and ReleaseScreenFocus functions, as camera rotation tweaking is now handled by the attached camera
    • Changed: When head-turning in first person using the "Character: Face object" Action, the pitch and spin rotations are now synchronised
    • Changed: The Speech Manager's "Prevent original language from being used?" option has been moved renamed to "Don’t use at runtime?"
    • Fixed: ActionList parameter values not restoring correctly upon loading a save file
    • Fixed: Hotspots requiring a Highlight component if Hotspot icon display is controlled via script
    • Fixed: Cursor icons overlapping in rare circumstances when hovering over inventory items
    • Fixed: ActionList node's appearance when using Linear color space in Unity 2017 or later
    • Fixed: Cursor error if a Hotspot has an Examine interaction but no Use interaction
    • Fixed: "Link graphics to" element property field appearing incorrectly in v1.65.1
    • Fixed: Issues when transitioning to and from GameCameras that have a cursor influence
  • Awesome stuff as per usual. Thanks Chris!
  • You're welcome!
  • Great great update...The things I wanted most...Thank you Chris for your awesome job!
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    I'm encountering a strange problem. Whenever I change the build target or build the game, the Adventure Creator ignores my custom Event System Prefab and spawns default one. If I just restart the Unity Engine, the prefab is spawned correctly.
    My unity version is 2017.4.10f1
    I think same problem happens when I build the game. as I can't navigate menus in a build. (But I can with gamepad).

  • Some cool stuff here. Great update as usual 

  • @hellwalker: Are you assigning your custom event system in the Menu Manager?  Please post details in Technical Q&A.
    • Added: Ability to configure the delay time between choosing a Conversation's dialogue option and its ActionList triggering
    Whereabouts is this option?
  • In the Dialog component of the GameEngine.
  • Hi ChrisIceBox I assume you're the creator behind AC.

    I'm looking at your Assets and find it very interesting. My partner is an artist and we like to create some fun stuff with your assets, we are just contemplating afew pointers. 

    1. Tutorials seems decent but few in numbers. I try to find YT videos showcasing AC and how to use it but couldn't find many. Any good tips of more tutorials for AC?

    2. Just for fun. I wanted to re-create some classics ones- to see what the engine can do. Simon the Sorcerer, Sam & Max and maybe Monkey Island or Loom. 
    Would AC be able to achieve this? 

    3. Just a tip, if you want people to NOTICE AC MORE. Why not ask someone a bit talented with it to create step-by-step tutorials with the newest Engine and let that grow. I'm pretty sure that would be great for businesses. 
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    Welcome to the community, @stephyswe, and thanks for the feedback.

    A series of feature-length youtube videos that cover AC can be found on the tutorials main page.  As many of the concepts are transferrable between game types, the 2D tutorial is recommended for absolute newcomers and the Unity Adventure tutorial is recommended for those new to AC but familiar with Unity.

    The Manual, of course, covers all aspects of AC in detail, and is available to download here.

    Unofficially, user @zeek has also created a Udemy course on AC - see his thread here.

    As for AC's capabilities, it certainly aims to be a solution for all traditional adventure game types - with plenty of options for customisation, as well as the ability to extend functionality through custom events and Actions to when your needs are unique.  If you have a specific feature in mind you'd like to know about, please ask.

    A template to recreate the classic "9-verbs" interface as seen in e.g. Monkey Island can be found on the Downloads page.

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