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New Adventure Game Creation Course on UDEMY

Hey guys!  Many of you have used some of my Adventure Creator tutorials on

I've had several requests to do this, and have been working on it over the last 9 months, but I just wanted you guys to know first, I've just finished putting together my 2D Adventure Game creation course for Udemy!  I'll post the course description below, the link for the course is here...

I also want to offer a coupon code to Adventure Creator users...

Use ADVENTURECREATOR14 to get lifetime access for $14!

You can watch the trailer for the course here...

I'm excited to actually work on my game again, as I have paused most production on it the last 9 months to make this course available...!

Happy Adventuring, hope to talk to you soon!

Course Description from

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

In this course we will go through the process of creating your own 2-D storybook-style "Point and Click" Adventure Game, including story, game world and character design, creating your own art assets in manipulable layers, animating your character, bone-rigging your 2D character in multiple angles for quick animating of an 8-pose walk-cycle.  We will also cover practices for creating original music for your game, voice acting and recording dialogue for your characters, and finally bringing all of your original assets together and programming them into a functional scene for an adventure game (in an artist-friendly programming environment).

You can follow along using the same software titles in the course, or apply the concepts learned to your own music and art creation software choices.

The software used in the course will be...

Adobe Photoshop: for background art and character creation.

Moho Studio Pro: for character animation.

Logic Pro X: for music and voice recording/ editing.

Adventure Creator Game Toolkit for the Unity Game Engine for bringing all of the game assets together and programming your game!  (Don't worry, you can program your entire game without needed to type out a single line of code, it is very artist friendly).

Additional Topics Covered:

Light music and art theory

Brief history of instrument sampling

Discussing effective hardware and software tools


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