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2.5D game and setup with 2D camera

I have some questions about the most appropriate way to create a 2.5D game.
My need is to have scrolling and parallax but using the 3D character. I've read that I can use the 2D camera and I'm trying this setup.
However, I'm not sure of some things:
Do I have to use the 3D plane with the Pathfinding method set on Unity Navigation as well as in the 2.5D Tutorial?
If so, I insert the background image as a sprite but when I create the 3D plane to build the navmesh to be placed on the photo it remains hidden behind the photo (even after uploading Shading -> Grid) and it is therefore difficult to give it the desired shape.
How should I do it?
Another doubt is on Moving and Turning: Screen Space or World Space?
Chris, would it be too much to ask you to prepare a tutorial on this mode as soon as you have some time? It's a great way for players to play (like the last Broken Sword)


  • I can certainly consider a tutorial, but the thing about this kind of game is that the workflow can vary depending on what suits your particular needs and preferences.

    If your character is 3D, and you're looking for a "true" 2.5D experience where the player and objects are all perspective-correct, then you should stick to the 2.5D or 3D camera options.  If you choose 2.5D, then you can also make use of the "static backgrounds" feature in scenes that do not need scrolling.

    Screen Space and World Space options are only available when your Camera perspective is set to 2D, so you should be able to ignore them - I would at least recommend you try leaving it as 2.5D before considering them.

    With 2.5D or 3D, you can rely on either Unity Navigation or Mesh Collider navigation - just not Polygon Collider.

    So far as the shading goes, that is more of a Unity issue than an AC one, since AC relies on Unity's own rendering capabilities.  However, I would recommend you instead change the background's Texture type to Texture and place it in the scene as a Plane / Quad mesh instead of a sprite.  You can give it an Unlit -> Texture shader so that it appears like a sprite does in-game.
  • Thank you Chris.
    One question, can you make a completely 2D game like your 2D tutorial with scrolling and parallax but having the 3D player? I'm trying to follow the tutorial tutorials/unity-navigation-pathfinding-0 to create the floor but without luck ...
  • You could - provided that the 3D player had not 3D physics components (Collider / Rigidbody) etc.  You can test this by loading up the 2D Demo, dropping Tin Pot into the scene, removing those two components and running the scene.

    You'd also have to make sure the 3D model displays correctly over/under your sprites - though that is a shader issue, and the Unity forums should have some good suggestions on how to achieve that.  The Follow Sorting Map will update the "Order In Layer" of your Skinned Mesh Renderer, but with the default shaders this will have no effect so far as working alongside sprites go.

    Another issue with the FSM component is that the character's scale won't be affected unless it is attached to a Sprite Child (which 3D characters do not have).  I will remedy this in the v1.59a release, however.

    As for working with 2D cameras in 2.5D games, you can find a tutorial here.  It does not cover pathfinding, however - only the way in which backdrops / cameras are set up.  If you are having trouble with Unity Navigation, please post details in a new thread and we can address them.  Also know that they are covered in the 2.5D tutorial, if you're looking for a video guide.
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