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White Full Screen Flash before Dialogue: Start Conversation when switching cameras?


I'm creating a conversation that goes between playing full screen video for one end of the conversation, and then cutting to a GameCamera close up view of the Player with dialogue options for their response. Everything is working great - except - the full screen flashes white between playing the full screen video and switching to the game camera. I think this has something to do with telling AC to switch cameras right before going to "Dialogue: Start Conversation" because it wanted to default "Dialogue: Start Conversation" to the default camera view. It doesn't white flash when going from the close up camera to full screen video, only when going from full screen video to the close up camera. 

My dialogue action loop looks like:
Engine: Play Movie Clip --> Camera: Switch (CU) --> Dialogue: Start Conversation --> Sound: Play --> (and then on to playing the next movie clip)

Any ideas how to get rid of the white flash?
Thank you!


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    Is there any difference if your camera switch action is using a transition or not? It might be worth checking if there's any difference when the transition time is 0 or not 0...
  • Thanks for the advice @Alverik ! I tried adding a transition but it didn't change the full screen white flash. I've been testing different versions and the flash seems to happen whether I go:
     Play Movie Clip --> Camera: Switch (CU) --> Dialogue: Start Conversation
     Play Movie Clip -->  Dialogue: Start Conversation

    Here's the first part of my ActionList
  • A non-zero transition time would only have an effect if it was also pausing the ActionList with Wait until finish?.  Instead, try inserting an Engine: Wait Action of 0.5s after the Camera: Switch.

    It may even be that simply cutting the camera instantly before playing the movie is enough.  Still, I can't think why you'd see a flash.  Be aware, however, that Unity 5.6 has a new movie playback system that AC will be supporting in the next release - I should hope that this will remove the issue entirely.
  • Hi @ChrisIceBox

    Welcome back from your trip. AC is amazing! I have a hard time wrapping my mind around C# but AC makes me feel like I can actually make a complex game in Unity! Thank you!

    I tried adding a .5s Engine:Wait after Camera:Switch but unfortunately the white full screen flash is still happening. Do you have any other suggestions I should try?
  • It is likely due to Unity's video playback, in which case you will have to wait for the next update which will add integration for Unity 5.6 new VideoPlayer component.
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    I figured out what was causing the white flashes - it's a Unity video thing. I wanted to post the solution in case anyone else has the same issue. I am using a very recent version of Unity 5.6.0f3 with the new Video Player component, which also effects how videos are imported. In order to get the videos playing without a full screen flash of white afterwards I needed to:
    1) Import the videos as VideoClips not Legacy Movie textures
    2) use the VP8 Codec (not H264, which looks fine in Unity but turns out has glitchy playback in the Build)
    3) use @alverik 's wonderful Custom Action List Video Player controller to play videos using the Video Player component to play VideoClips instead of Movie Textures
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