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Automated scene logic testing



  • do I use the same link to download the new version?
  • Yes - I overwrote the file to avoid having several different versions floating about.
  • Hmmm did I do something wrong?
    I get 2 errors before I am even able to put the prefabs into the scene:

    Assets/Automated Adventure Test System/Scripts/RandomClicker.cs(33,22): error CS0117: `UnityEngine.SceneManagement.SceneManager' does not contain a definition for `activeSceneChanged'

    Assets/Automated Adventure Test System/Scripts/RandomClicker.cs(38,22): error CS0117: `UnityEngine.SceneManagement.SceneManager' does not contain a definition for `activeSceneChanged'

  • edited October 2016
    What version of Unity are you on? I think this version of the scripts requires Unity 5.4 ...

    EDIT: Yup, they changed it in 5.4 - but if you don't need the objects to survive scene changes, you can just comment out the offending lines.
  • Ohhh that might be it!
    I haven't updated Unity since i started the project, since I don't have admin rights on this PC.

    I'll just comment out the things!
  • Had my game running with this overnight, and while it did manage to find an unexpected way into a part of a scene it wasn't supposed to have access to, this monkey-with-a-typewriter approach is still very slow when it comes to solving puzzles.

    I think I'll extend it with a system for recording and playing back sections of actual human gameplay to handle some of the more complex sections where it tends to get stuck, but without giving it (too much) access to AC's internal data.

    Stay tuned ...

  • So for some reason I can't even put in the prefabs into my scene in my pre-5.4 Unity.

    Don't look into it too far on my account though, since I'm prolly updating unity in the comming days/weeks!
  • Might be a general problem I need to deal with - which Unity version are you on?
  • My current Version is 5.3.4f1 (in this one I have the compiler error mentioned above, and I can't place the prefabs into the scene)

    If I use it at home with the up to date Unity, the clicker works like a charm (it really is kinda Zen to watch it).
    However the direct movement doesn't affect the player for some reason.
  • Hmmm ... is the project set up to accept arrow keys for movement?

    Just tested with the 3D demo scene in a fresh project, only AC and the test components imported - should work if control method is set to 'direct'.
  • Yeah I can control the character just fine on my own.
    I gonna check again tonight. I might have done something wrong
  • Currently working on scripts to test that specific interactions exist for hotspots - if anyone has ideas for extra automated scene testing, please let me know, and I'll try to integrate it.
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