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[SOLVED] skipping cutscene turns menu back on

edited August 2014 in Engine development
Hey there,

For one of my scenes, I have a cutscenes that runs On Start. It turns on a menu, plays some music and pauses the game for a few seconds, turns off the menu, then some dialogue plays until it is done.

If I skip the cutscene while the menu is visible, everything works fine. If, however, I press the skip key after the menu has been disabled, that menu turns back on, and the music starts again too.

Any way to quickly fix that?


  • Can't see why this would happen - I'll need to recreate it.  Please post a shot of the Menu's properties box, and the relevant (Menu: Change state) Actions in the Cutscene.  That should be enough to see it on my end.
  • Sure, here you go. In the cutscene it turns on the menu, then label4, then label5, then turns both labels off, then turns off the menu.
  • Successfully recreated, I'll look into a fix.

    As for the music, AC isn't able to predict the timing of Cutscenes - for that reason, it's necessary to add "ending" Actions sometimes to ensure everything is in the correct state after skipping.  Usually it's just animation related (e.g. forcing an Idle if a custom animation plays in the Cutscene), but you'll also have to force-stop any non-looping sound.  Use the Engine: play sound Action to stop the music cue at the end of the Cutscene.
  • Fixed in 1.38a!
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