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Subtitle Issue

I've noticed that when I'm creating a conversation that consists of both a character speaking (with the words appearing above their heads) and narration/thoughts (appearing in a box at the bottom of the screen) there appears to be a slight glitch where the subtitle from the character speech fades out and and the narration text fades in.

They seem to overlap, so that for a split second until the fade out of the character speech has completed, the same line spoken by the character appears briefly in the narration box and then suddenly changes to the correct narration text.

Changing the time-offset before changing to a narration text fixes it but it's a slight nuisance having to do this each time.

Is there any chance of a slight update so that different subtitles are forced to wait before the other has completed the fade out before showing?

I hope that makes sense.

I'm using Unity 5.3.4f1 and AC 1.51g.


  • Try creating a separate Subtitles menu just for narration - you can do this by duplicating the existing one and setting For speakers of type to Narration Only.  You'll also have to set the original Menu's setting to Characters Only.
  • Hi Chris...I already have the 2 separate menus - one for speech and one for narration with the settings already in place so I think this may be a slight bug.
  • Please post screens of the two Menus properties, as well as a series of Actions that cause this.
  • No problem, Chris. Here's an example of a couple of actions that switch from the characters speaking to narration where the overlap occurs:


    Here's the "Subtitle" menu setup:


    And here's the "Narration" menu setup:


    If you need anything else then please let me know.
  • Thanks.  So to be clear on the problem: "Oh god [sobs]" briefly appears in the Narration menu, and "The woman was clearly upset" appears in the Subtitle menu, correct?
  • Issue recreated.  I will an attempt a fix, but you can get around this in the meantime by checking Duplicate for multiple lines? in the Subtitles Menu's properties.
  • Thanks Chris, I'm glad you've recreated it. I'll do that :)
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