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Island in the Sun

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Hi all,

Today marks the end of a development sprint for my main game project, but it's been a very frustrating two weeks with lots of technical and creative issues, so I felt I needed a short break to get my perspective on the project back on track.

I've been thinking about setting up a development blog for some time, but then I decided to create a stupid little game about the project instead - sort of a meta-game.

So, I've spent this weekend creating the first installment, which is online now: 

Very basic animation controllers at this point, so turning looks a bit funny - but it was quite enjoyable to create something that doesn't need to be perfect.

Next episode at the end of the next sprint, i.e. in two weeks time. <:-P


  • Nice! "Sometimes your fingers clip through the terrain" lol.

    Water looks great by the way. Is that Playway's handiwork or did you write your own shader?

  • No, nothing fancy - it's in fact just the WaterProDaytime prefab from Unity's standard assets (the environment package) with default settings except the scaling.
  • Do you have a mobile build? I'm limited to internet via pc
  • ???

    It's a WebGL build, so should work fine on a pc (with a reasonably recent browser) with internet connection?
  • Just out of interest, is your main game project the one you showed a while back with the turn-based combat sections? That was really coming together.
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    Yes, that's the one. It still needs massive amounts of work on design, writing and assets, but most of all an extended prototype to see if the integration of a somewhat relaxed adventure style with turn-based combat actually makes for a fun game for players.
  • Haha, enjoyed playing this little game, very funny :) Nice work.
  • Another two-week development sprint done, so episode 2 is now up:

    Ernie and the lifeguard are back with more "information" about my game - now with new assets and an interview with a guest character from the real game! :O)
  • Really want to play this, but the WebGL player keeps crashing :(
  • The "out of memory" thing?

    A secondary reason for setting this up as a WebGL game was to follow developments in WebGL support in browsers and Unity, so if anyone can't run it, I'd very much like to hear about it, and what OS + browser combination they're on.
  • Yep, it was the Out of Memory Thing, Im on Firefox/Windows 7 set up.
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    Hmmm, seemed to work with that combo here, but I've increased the heap size with an updated version, so possibly fixed now.

  • Episode 3 delayed due to me being sick over the weekend, but I have the following comments to share from the main characters:

    The Lifeguard: "We'll be back as soon as humanly possible with a new episode. Oh, sorry Ernie - you're a monkey, so 'humanly possible' might sound a bit disrespectful ..."

    Ernie: "I just hope that spells the end of that glitch-o-rama. Don't call me about the next episode - I have so many better ways to waste my time!"

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