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Variable to change item category

Hi there! Absolutely love AC!

Just had a question if anyone knows of a good way to accomplish this.
I am trying to move items in game from my inventory to a separate storage bin in the player's house.
A simple way to do this might be if we had a variable to change an item's category. So when a player drags item1 onto their storage bin, it changes item1's category from "default" to "storage". And the storage menu only displays items from the "storage" category, and the regular inventory menu only shows "default", yet, all items are still bound to the player.

Please let me know if anyone has any other workarounds for this problem or if this suggestion could be feasible in an ac update some day!
Thank you!


  • Ah ha! Just found the Container now :D
  • Actually I do have a separate question now.
    Is it possible to create Container variations?
    For example I have Storage1 in the player's house using the default Container. But I'd like to create a Storage2 that only stores items of a certain category, or I'd like to add a special button to Storage2's container.
    The ability to choose which Container Menu is used for each Storage* would be fantastic!
  • Any unlocked Menu set to appear "On Container" will turn on when a Container is interacted with.  However, you can lock and unlock such Menus by using the Menu: Change state Action to control which one is enabled.  From within the Menu's properties, you can also set a Menu to be locked when the game begins.
  • That works perfect!
    Thank you so much for the amazing product and for the top notch support.
    Can't wait to share what I create with AC in the future.
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