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Version 1.44 - Improved Mecanim, Unity 5 sound



  • A simple but significant issue for those making 3D games has appeared.  Download 1.44b to fix it:

    = Version 1.44b =
    • Fixed: Characters not being able to rotate instantly if they have a Rigidbody attached
  • @ChrisIceBox - thanks as always for your advice, I've done a new build and your 2d demo loads and builds like a charm so going to work with that as a base and work my way up.

    Think something didnt like the move up to the new version of Unity. Will see how I go and add to a new post.

    Am building to pc but will hold off on the error so I dont dominate this feed! 

    Thanks again, loving the improvements from this update!
  • Did you change anything related to Custom Animation with Unity UI? I have some problems now with Off State :/
  • @RedCityNoise: OK, I will investigate.
  • edited April 2015
    @RedCityNoise: Unity UI animations work fine for me.  You'll need to elaborate - post a new thread with more detail.
  • Is there a way to have the character stop movement when they collide with a wall? 

    Also what is the wall collider layer? 
  • @EBlomquist: Animation-wise, yes - with Mecanim characters.  You'll have to check "Slow movement near wall colliders?" in the character's inspector, then supply the name of your wall colliders (it can be anything you want).  I chose simply "Walls" in my own project, so that it doesn't interfere with the "Default" layer that Hotspots use.
  • hmm - the player seems to keep walking. Is this feature for point and click only or for direct control as well? Does it fully stop the player or slow them down to a walk?
  • It's a feature I made for my own game, which is Direct control.  It won't zero the movement speed, but it'll reduce it as close enough to it as it can without preventing the character to move properly again.  You can tweak the "Collider distance" setting to get the right effect.
  • A notice for anyone who's experiencing trouble with UFPS in the latest AC release - specifically where player prefabs turn during cutscenes when they're not supposed to.  The following package will fix the issue until the next release is out: download it here.
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