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Version 1.44 - Improved Mecanim, Unity 5 sound

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This update arrives sooner than I'd intended, but some bugs with the previous release forced my hand a little. Anyway, the main features:

Improved Mecanim
With Unity 5's new lighting system, I've been trying to get back into my own game's development once more.  I'm a big animation nut, so lately I've been focusing on getting movement to look "just right".  So, Mecanim characters can now rely on root motion for turning (making the Third Person controller available in Unity's standard assets compatible with AC), and also be made to slow down when near wall colliders (to stop them endlessly walking into the wall).

Unity 5 sound support
You can now opt to rely on Unity's impressive Audio Mixer system for sound levels - just create Mixer Groups for SFX, Music and Speech, and assign them in the Settings Manager.  They're volumes (sorry, attenuations) will then be controlled by the Options data.  And the new "Sound: Set Mixer snapshot" Action will give you further control over your game's sound mixing.

Multiple speech UIs
This is actually a small feature, but was a big enough task to make me want to promote it a little more.  If your game feature speech in which multiple character speak at the same time, you may have noticed that only the most recent line gets displayed.  No more: just check "Duplicate for multiple lines?" in your Subtitles menu, and the menu will be duplicated for each line of speech, and displayed independently.

And the changelog.  As always, back up your projects before upgrading!

= Upgrade note =
-If an empty GameObject is sent to a parameter field, the field will no longer revert to it’s original value

= Movement =
-Added: Option for Mecanim characters to rely on Root motion for turning
-Added: Option for Mecanim characters to slow movement when they near wall colliders?
-Added: Option for input magnitude to affect Player’s speed (Direct control-movement only)
-Added: Option for Direct control movement to account for the player’s position on screen
-Added: “Run” input can now be an axis as well as a button
-Fixed: Mecanim “Turn float” parameter not being sent to Animator controller when character is walking or running

= Speech =
-Added: Option to Menus that appear When Speech Plays to duplicate for each speech line
-Added: “Dialogue: Wait for speech” Action - waits until a particular character has finished speaking
-Added: Speech log variable to RuntimeVariables script - stores a log of the game’s subtitles
-Fixed: Speech audio repeating if used on a line split by carriage returns

= Sound =
-Added: Ability to rely on Audio Mixer Groups for music, speech and SFX volumes (Unity 5 only)
-Added: “Sound: Set Mixer snapshot” Action - use to change Audio Mixer snapshot weighting (Unity 5 only)
-Fixed: Sound set to play when game is paused re-setting when doing do (Unity 5 only)

= Navigation =
-Added: Option on NavMeshes and NavMeshSegments to ignore collisions (on by default)
-Added: StaticObstacle prefab to Scene Manager when using Unity Navigation pathfinding

= Cameras =
-Added: Third Person camera’s rotation now accounts for the intensity of it’s Input axes
-Added: Ability for 2D GameCamera’s position to be influenced by the facing direction of it’s target
-Added: Ability for 3D GameCamera’s spin rotation to be influenced by the facing direction of it’s target
-Fixed: Various fixes to Third Person camera
-Fixed: Third Person camera’s “Cursor must be locked?” setting no longer working
-Fixed: Order of any custom components added to MainCamera not being retained (new scenes only)
-Fixed: “Return to last gameplay” option in “Camera: Switch” Action not always returning to correct camera

= Menus =
-Added: Option in Unity UI-based Menus to set the first selected Element as used by the Event System
-Fixed: Display issues with Timer Menu Elements when multiple timed Conversations are run
-Fixed: Menus set to appear During Gameplay remaining visible if an ActionList begins with a Conversation
-Fixed: UI-based Load menu showing all slots if no save files are present
-Fixed: Being able to navigate through Unity UI-based Menus with keyboard even when they’re turned off

= Cursors =
-Fixed: Interaction and movement systems registering when the mouse cursor is off-screen
-Fixed: Speed of Keyboard Or Controller-based cursors being proportional to screen size
-Fixed: Cursor lock having no effect when Input method is set to Touch Screen
-Fixed: Walk cursor not being blocked by Collision Cubes if set to only show over the NavMesh

= Hotspots =
-Added: Ability to create Hotspots that wrap around the currently-selected mesh or sprite when they’re created
-Added: Option to “Hotspot: Enable or disable” Action to also affect child Hotspots
-Added: Changes made to Hotspot names using “Hotspot: Rename” Action are now translatable
-Fixed: “Cursor Over Hotspot” method of activating Hotspots not working for Touch Screen input

= 2D games =
-Added: “Object: Fade sprite” Action - fades in or out any sprite with the SpriteFader script attached

= 2.5D games =
-Added: “Set as active” button on 2.5D cameras now updates MainCamera every frame that the Inspector is viewed
-Added: Button to “Align To Camera” component that places the object in the centre of the camera view
-Added: SceneSprite prefab to Scene ManagerPackager for 2.5D games - use to easily place sprite objects within a scene

= Editors =
-Added: Ability to filter Inventory items in Inventory Manager by category and their “Carry on start?” property
-Changed: Inventory Manager now has sub-tabs to manage Items, Categories and Crafting
-Changed: Variables Manager now has sub-tabs to manage Global and Local Variables
-Changed: Increased maximum zoom on ActionList Editor window
-Removed: Option to sort objects alphanumerically in the Hierarchy window for stability reasons (Unity 5 only)
-Fixed: Conversation Editor window not being able to show more than 20 dialogue options

= Inventory =
-Added: Inventory items can have their own “Use (Item) on (Hotspot)” label syntax
-Fixed: Inventory combinations not triggering under rare circumstances
-Fixed: Inventory Actions not always showing correct Item in header when collapsed
-Fixed: Occasional error when saving if Inventory items can be re-ordered in Menus

= ActionLists =
-Added: The “Action to skip to” field in the “ActionList: Run” Action can be set by an Integer parameter
-Changed: If an empty GameObject is sent to a parameter field, the field will no longer revert to it’s original value
-Fixed: “Start delay” value in Cutscenes no longer having an effect
-Fixed: Object reference sometimes being lost when using “Object: Add or remove” Action



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    = Other =
    -Fixed: IK head turning effect occasionally snapping
    -Fixed: Variables linked to Options Data no longer being restored when the game begins
    -Fixed: Occasional crashes when saving on iOS devices
    -Fixed: Errors when building to the WebGL platform
    -Fixed: UIs of Variable-based Actions not updating instantly if the Variables Manager asset is changed
  • Such update. So much awesome. Wow.
  • As always, very impressive work. Thanks!
  • Good Update Thanks 
  • Chris n.1! ^_^
  • Thanks for getting the -Added: Ability for 3D GameCamera’s spin rotation to be influenced by the facing direction of it’s target in there Chris!
  • edited April 2015
    I'm still seeing version 1.42c in my asset store - is there something I'm missing...? 

    Turns out the bit i was missing the 'log in' bit. I'm an idiot.
  • Thanks for improving the menus. Will check it now!
  • Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to upgrade AC without losing all your game settings and actions? I made a backup (: 
  • Great Chris! Thanks!!
  • @iamneven: It's covered in the manual - see section 1.6.
  • And the traditional day-later-bugfix-release, v1.44a, is out:

    -Fixed: Rotation problems with First Person movement
    -Fixed: Scroll bar in Variables Manager not being moveable
    -Fixed: Error if a speech line starts with a carriage return, and carriage returns are set to separate lines
    -Fixed: Warning messages showing when a translation is successfully imported
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     Chris, you are a Legend!!!
    Thanks for fading in and out sprites and other features!
  • oh there it is. thnx Chris.
  • Thanks Man!
  • I'm getting an error that I can not longer build to target platform since doing the update - has anyone else had this issue at all?

    Error building Player: Couldn't build player because of unsupported data on target platform.
  • And what is your target platform?  Is that the full console message, or is there anything else beneath it?
  • Thanks Chris.
    Sprite fade in/out animations work just as fine as with simple sprites.

    I there any chance we can see it extended  to Particle systems too?
  • @ChrisIceBox - yep, putting an image of the error might have helped. This is one of the many reasons I shouldn't post late at night!


    This is the error I'm getting - yours and 2dToolkit are the only plug ins im running in the project.

    Thanks for your help, please let me know if this should be in its own issue!
  • @lefoosh: But if you select any of those messages, do you get any more info within them?  Again, let me know your target platform.  It's also not clear if AC or 2Dtk is to blame - remove one in a temporary project, and rebuild, to find out which one is the cause.
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