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Pause menu causing performance problems in one scene

Hey all - 

Came across something a little wacky and I'm having a hard time tracking it down.  I have a pause menu in my project (the pause menu that AC comes with...just different colors/font) and there is one scene in my project that screeches to a halt when I use it.  I'll click the pause button, click out of pause and performance will drop to about 1-2 FPS...and it only happens in one scene.  It's fine in all others.  I've tried deleting the GameEngine object and reorganizing scene objects and have tried disabling anything that I could think of that is different than my other scenes, but I'm striking out.  Anyone come across this?  I'm on Unity 4.6.2f1 and AC 1.42c.



  • I haven't heard of this before.  Once the scene is running, try deleting objects (so long as you keep the Player, GameEngine and PersistentEngine, things should still run), and see what you need to delete to speed things up that way.  Not that that's the solution, but we need to find the cause before we can do anything about it.
  • Okay - I'll make a duplicate of that scene and give that a try.  Thanks, Chris!
  • edited March 2015
    Chris - looks like it was an InteractiveCloth object that I had in the scene.  Once I killed that; performance spiked back up.  I checked it a few different times to confirm and it seems like I can repro it pretty easily.  I did have two InteractiveCloths and it looks like one of them was a problem child, so I just deleted it from the scene entirely.  I must have had it setup incorrectly and when I paused/unpaused, the engine tried to resettle it and was causing issues?  I went up to the area at one point and hit paused and watched and the cloths disappear and try to reconfigure and that's when performance takes a dump.  Wacky.

    Thanks for the pointers on how to zero in on it!

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