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Change between first person and click driven game dynamics question

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This is the second question that I had so I thought it would be better to post it separately. My game will consist of an amalgam of recorded animations with dialog, user-driven first person character movement, and click driven events. Specifically, the user will begin the game in first person mode where he/she will be able to roam about the game area. When they find the area they are meant to discover, they will trigger a recorded animation and then a drop down list with possible choices. I noticed in one of the tutorials that when creating a game you had to choose either "first person" or "click-driven" as the dynamic which drives the game. Can you tell me how best to create the game in order to accommodate the dynamics which I described previously? Thanks.


  • You cannot natively change the game style mid-game, for a number of reasons.

    However, you could "hack" it with some custom code that changes the Movement method in the Settings Manager manually.  In C-sharp:

    AdvGame.GetReferences ().settingsManager.movementMethod = MovementMethod.FirstPerson;
    AdvGame.GetReferences ().settingsManager.movementMethod = MovementMethod.PointAndClick;

    will set the game to First Person and Point-and-click modes respectively.  Place that code in a function with a unique name, attach it to a gameobject, then use the Object: Send message Action on that gameobject to call that function.
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