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Bug: NPC's refuse to face object

I'm having some trouble getting my NPCs to use the Character:Face Object action.

They are set up exactly the same way as the player, same structure, same values, pretty much the same animations, but the player is the only one who responds to Face Object. Of any gameobject. In any scene. I've had to use Character:Animate to force the NPCs to go along, which isn't entirely ideal, though it works. I think it started somewhere after 1.32 (don't quote me on that, but I remember it used to work).


  • Screenshots of your Character inspectors, please.  Which animation engine are you using?
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    Here you go, this is the rebel. I hope that's all the settings you need eyes on. I'm using Unity 2D sprites animation.

    For reference, the gameobject is set up like this:

    - Caleb
        - sprite child
              - face
  • Have you tried setting a non-zero turning speed?  If that fails, try adding a Rigidbody - it shouldn't need one but I need to know what does / doesn't work.
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    Gotcha, I just did (speed of 4), did not make a difference. Also added a Rigidbody back in - no change. I think this became a problem even before I removed the Rigidbody after the last update.

    The player has the same settings (no rigidbody, 0 turning) and that one behaves properly.

    Interesting thing to note: most of the time when this guy is supposed to face an object I see a tiny jump, a sort of wiggle, a jitter, in the character sprite. I thought it was when the turning speed was > 0, but repeated testing of all these checks and settings revealed no conclusive evidence.
  • PM me your NPC prefab and sprites (basically the minimum I need to see the problem myself).  I'll have a look at it.
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