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request - choosing player audio/localization name


Right now, when the game creates the strings and filenames for localization/voices all the player voices are prefixed "PlayerNN.ogg". I don't see a way to change that to my play's character name. i.e. BoltRileyNN.ogg

this causes a conflict with the speech files that are provided in the demo, which for some reason are overriding my sound files (and they get reimported in every update unless i mark them out)

i think it would be nice if i can set the player name's prefix for these files and strings identifiers in localization tables as well.



  • It's currently like that to ensure speech files still work if you change your prefab's name.

    The main problem is when it comes to games with multiple player characters, since there's no way to know which player is "active" at the time of a Play speech Action.  I can see about adding an option, but the likelihood is it'll only be for games with only one player prefab.
  • Hmm. I see what you mean with the way it is implemented with the player checkbox.

    in WIntermute working on Pizza Morgana - i had two characters , Jackie and Abbie, the lines, dialogs, and everything would be for the player but the player class held those names that way it wouldn't matter who the player was, it was still useing the appropriate files.
    maybe a similar approach would be what's needed here but i can see the difference in architecture, because you're generating the strings for the tables not during runtime, (wintermute didn't have that generation system but you had to mnually input string IDs).
    a possible solution for multiple players would be to completely have a duplicate string table lines for each player. (or a toggle box to choose which one to have which line).

    how are these strings are geneated in a multiple player character games rigth now? 

  • What strings, the filenames?

    Don't forget that you can still drag the Player prefab into the speech Action's Speaker field manually.  This works for both single and multi-player character games - so long as you don't check Player line?, it will use the character's name instead of "Player".
  • Maybe i should start doing that. 
    it would be simpler if when you check the Player Line?  (or have a button to auto select the player prefab) shaves of a few second each time, but  it adds up to hours i think if you count all the dialog lines :)
  • and yeah, i mean if the "Player Line?" is seletc in mutiple players, how are the filenames selected? Still by player?

  • also - what are the differences between selecting the Is Player / Player Line? than just using the player's prefab?
  • The "Is Player" option is there for convenience now, but initially it was the only way - prefabs couldn't be assigned to fields in AC's initial release.  If a line has "Is Player", it'll always refer to the currently active player, and the filename will still have to be "Player".
  • I see. 
    Ok, I'm going to leave all the existing IsPlayer in my game that i'v coded unti now, but any new rerefences i'll use the player prefab instead of isplayer. 

    later on when i'm near beta i'll probably have to replace them all from isplayer to the prefab.
    (maybe it would be quicker to write an editor script that changes the isplayer everywhere instead of manually changing all occurances)

  • A new feature for 1.41: if you don't rely on player switching, you can opt to use the player prefab's name for audio files, rather than just "Player".
  • cool! a nice to have feature no doubt.
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